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  1. The Prince 2 Orb Shadow(limited to ONE per Player) Unit (M) 125 Cost 1250 HP (Size M) 1000 Damage Melee (M Counter) Ability Rundown Tier 2 (starting tier) Sacrifice: Sacrifice a unit to transfer its health to this one. Vampiric Aura: Unit life steals 50% damage dealt. Nearby units receive 25% aditional Life stealer. Power through the Ages 75 Power - For every SHADOW ORB after the 2nd one, you can evolve the unit into stronger version and unlock its next ability. On activation, unit solidifies (becoming a structure) and is disabled for 30 seconds as he is transforming into the next tier. Tier 3: Units health grows by 100% and damage is increased by 100% Damage type changes to L Size type changes to L Ability: Vampiric Aura: Unit life steals 50% damage dealt. Nearby units receive 25% aditional Life stealer. (bonus applies to this unit NOW as well, total 75%) Blood Pact: Cost: 25% max health - Summon 2 Nightcrawlers with their Frenzy enabled OR Cost: 30% max health - Summon Mutating Frenzy with Deathwish enabled (2 or 3 stacks) - 60/90 health missing OR Cost: 25% Max Health - Summon 2 Ripper Squads (Maximum of 4 can be controlled with this) Sacrifice Kill an ally unit to steal its health Power through the Ages 75 Power - For every SHADOW ORB after the 2nd one, you can evolve the unit into stronger version and unlock its next ability. On activation, unit solidifies (becoming a structure) and is disabled for 30 seconds as he is transforming into the next tier. Tier 4 Units health grows by 100% and damage is increased by 100% Damage type changes to XL Size type changes to XL Vampiric Aura: Unit life steals 50% damage dealt. Nearby units receive 25% aditional Life stealer. (bonus applies to this unit NOW as well, total 75%) Blood Pact: Cost: 25% Max Health - Summon 3 Mutating Frenzy with Deathwish enabled OR Cost: 25% Max Health - Summon a Necrofury (can only control 2 Necrofury-s like this) Sacrifice (same) Ages Past: This unit can overheal... Excess healing from damage dealt is added to the pool (similar to dreadchargers "The Reaping"). While this pool of health persists, unit deals 100% more damage and receives 100% less damage. Idea behind character/unit design: For starters, Skylords Reborn has reached a very interesting peak in its development where its supporting hybrid orbs, but I think that some pure decks are lacking in the matter, when it comes to purity presentation (since hybrid decks provide much more utility than single type orb decks). Idea here is to make a certain PURE DECK buffer unit that subjectively works in buffing the primary statistic of the faction, and I cannot deem Shadow Faction as anything else than faction oriented on Health/Lifesteal/Sacrifice mechanic (be it theirs or of the ones of their enemies). I have intended to make multiple leader variants for all 4 factions with different Level Up mechanics (to make more specific units or augmentation as a faction leader) which wouldn't account as 1 Card Boss unit, but more of an enhancer for their factions original mechanics (which would in the end, make it a primary target focus in fights). General idea is to make unit that would provide more than just a single hand call in power spike or neutral leader utility ( Neutral Heroes like Virydia, which can augment any deck) and focus the unit composition more into a timed assault which would amplify power of Pure Decks, reducing weaknesses they posses due to the lack of hybrid spells for CC, by augmenting them with mechanics that are native to their primary faction (be it passively or actively, while also restricting the foretold unit to them only). Furthermore, idea behind this card is really open up to suggestions and balancing, since I'm also working on variants for other factions (Fire, Nature and Frost), but I got really short on time with college, Holiday planning and New Year event (like I would appreciate it massively if the actual contest lasted a bit longer after new year πŸ˜… ) so I hope that this won't go unnoticed! Same goes for Character Model, if this EVER passes as possible CARD DESIGN, I would love to be notified about it, since I prepared some voice lines ALONGSIDE the DESIGN MODEL (still WiP, but base idea exists)
  2. Ahhh the issue is a bit hard to explain like this, but it was similar issue that old Battleforge had, I'll try to elaborate it a bit more in-deptly but as soon as my exams are done.
  3. I agree it would be busted for PvP, especially with nightcrawler usage, but I want to divert focus from fear of PvP by looking up this thread that I've made, which might clarify what I've meant here: -
  4. Aside my hopes that I've gotten your attention, this thread will be quite simple. My idea is (the same one I posted on recent survey that has been going around) about making static and passive adjustments to how some cards work in PvP, aside how they regularly work in PvE. Idea is to make a special MOD/RULE SET for PvP that would adjust/tweak card performances. This change COULD make balancing a lot easier if we implemented a sort of MOD that gives buffs/debuffs to general card behavior (hence making balancing available ONLY for PvE, and PvP would only have to worry about statistical adjustments). These could be added as little footnote (similar in matter how League of Legends or some other games have it adjusted for gamemodes aside the primary, which in Skylords IS PvE) so they don't have to nerf / buff their creatures over all game modes. For example, disable/snare/stun cards could all have their effectiveness reduced by 25% (which would make root spells a lot less spammable), eruption or some damage spells Single Target damage reduction (while keeping MAX total damage dealt same so if there is a lot of bunched up units they get punished) etc. Idea is to make GLOBAL buffs/nerfs to spells and their effectiveness in PVP (which players could read), so the PvP feels a bit more choice/unit oriented, rather than spam oriented into late game attrition warfare... If something like this gets implemented, PvP could end up shifted into more healthy environment with possibility of more variety cards/deck constructions, while PvE could keep its core as primary game for experimenting some massive card combinations (since majority of Cards, esp t4 cards, will never see PvP due to their behavior or nature)
  5. Darkelfs are powerful due to Motivate mechanic, but they are specifically powerful only IN PvP... In PvE they are rarely picked any my thread is primary as suggestion on their ability to make them feel a bit more unique... As for PvP and PvE... These 2 setups should have completely different balancing... (i'll make a thread about it) Here is thread: -
  6. Auction house, as of now, is literally a definition of free market and there are many open sides to it that could use an adjustment and balancing (esp since the game took a major leap over what Battleforge originally was), but one of things that would reduce server pinging and make it simpler would definitely be delay on WHEN can a person BID again on same item, after he has been outbid. The fundamental issue is that multiple pre-made parties could be made to bid on same thing (or sadly, accounts...), but other things could be done about such issues by the devs, which are not specifically a target of this thread πŸ™‚
  7. Since Shadow spell "Motivate" is represented as global ability, can we make Motivate applied to units THAT COME into the game (are summoned or spawned) after the spell is already played out (and if they are, ofc, of same kind?) This would give the spell a bit more love and attention into the lategame, where it could be utilized on Infect or some other alternatives for units, such as spawn Skeleton Warriors (or Satanael Snapjaws), for example πŸ™‚
  8. Darkelf Assassins are really interesting unit, which is mainly used in PVP decks, much more rarely in PvE variants... But their ability is primary reason what makes them feel special and what gives them an identity... But sadly, there is this rare, sometimes hard to notice even, a bug... When they activate ability, their RANGE actually REDUCES (be it targeting range or maximum shooting range) because a squad is no longer capable of repositioning or splitting up... And at many occasions it can happen that this bug denies them any ability of assault or retaliation... And looking at other archers of same tier (2), RANGE should be one of bonuses they inherit (White Rangers are probably the best example in this argument) over Tier 1 ranged units counterparts. My suggestion would be to DEFINITELY fix or give small range increase to the Darkelf Assassins ability trigger (so they have actual viable range and it doesn't disable them if they were attacking something prior to ability activation) or GIVE the ability more spice by making them fire volleys at bigger range or just give them an actual range increase so people have to work around it (even in PVP this could be denied since tier 2 nations usually have distruption of one way or another). 2ndly I would look up at reduction of windup of their ability or adding a cooldown DELAY after its activation because the time it takes to prepare to fire and re-target is DIRECTLY taken out of their ability duration (and their targeting refreshes after activation, so it could use like 0.5 seconds delay after activation or something) (same issue goes for Executioner and Wraithblades) Giving them an adjustment in these parts would definitely make them more interesting choice overall and provide them a bit more utility outside being replacement ranged unit (for tier 1) in Tier 2 PVP πŸ™‚, esp since their base stats are mediocre even for tier 2 units (so whoever doesn't use their ability to max extend or gets denied in it is basically using a tier 1 unit with nickle sized bonus to its damage)
  9. Ahhh didn't know there was an event back in December... But then again I've started playing this year so πŸ˜… Can't wait to see the upcoming new events 😁 Keep up the good work folks πŸ˜ƒ
  10. I like the fact the map and event is Frost themed... But I'm 100% sure Pure Frost players won't be anywhere close top 20 margins... Shadow will probably wreck the map :/ There should be bonus award for #keeping it in theme# players which play the map in Pure Frost for roleplay purposes or at least mentions :D
  11. I mean, I won't lie... I followed on what you guys have been up to in 2018-19, but I lost track in time when I started attending college... And up until this week I didn't even know how far you guys have gone (and albeit this might sound wrong, it's understandable since you guys are in search for marketing agent) and I installed it a few days ago... And all memories came back πŸ™‚ But I must warn you guys, if you make it a once in a lifetime exclusive, you are doing the same thing EA was doing with Lyrish Knight, Juggernaut, Razorleaf and Harvester... Only for those who were there in those earliest days reward* and these things will be a pain for players who want to play it both for collection and gameplay (I for once used to main Shadow in 2012 and pure Frost) and these little buggers were included in every deck I ever had (even in this affinity). So my sincere suggestion would be to make them annual reward on B-day or something like Halloween (since they work with that horror thematic and enough time will pass in-between the first handing out) 2ndly, for those who already have it or claimed it through a drop by a code (which i presume is how it was handed out on last giveaway) they could be awarded a hefty sum of BF points or few card packs instead πŸ™‚ And that would be more than fair... because... If you keep it like ONE TIME ONLY thing... You are just repeating the cursed circle EA tried to pull off in "Pay to Play" days πŸ™‚
  12. Just an update on the matter, the issue is so far completely in hands of 360 Total Security reading it as "possible" Trojan. Before I even knew for yours troubleshooting guide (and it clearly states that anti-virus software might react aggressively on the installer) I've already made few checkups on everything so it's clear. As side note, I've tested it on few other devices (brothers PC, etc.) and from all I can say is, that multiple devices with same antivirus gave out same issues πŸ˜„ Final conclusion, my apologies for uncalled stirr-up, but it could stand as a good point into the issue (if anyone encounters the same issue), and while doing so, I brought up 3-4 more people into Battleforge πŸ₯³
  13. Hope this will help, I'm currently on Discord with GF and she run into same problem πŸ˜„
  14. I know that this might sound weird, but I know some antivirus programs might get it wrong, but I didn't have an issue with this and I've scanned the file, but my friend who recently tried to download it had his 360 Total Security claim that it contains a Trojan... If this could be answered I could easily put his fears to rest :)
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