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Pure Nature Deck thoughs/improvement

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Hey Skylords,

I´m playing mainly a pure Nature Deck. I want to show you my deck. I want to improve it and need your help.

Here is my deck:


Unit: Windweavers, Shaman, Amazon    Spell: Hurricane, Ensnaring Roots, Surge of Light    Buildings: Fountain of Rebirth


Unit: /    Spell: Creeping Paralysis, Curse of Oink    Buildings: Living Tower, Breeding Ground


Unit: Swampdrake    Spell: Revenge, Thunderstorm    Buildings: Wheel of Gifts, Healing Garden


Unit: Colossus, Forest Elderer, Giant Wyrm    Spell: Regrowth    Builldings: /

Here are my questions:

1. I have no T2 unit. I think the Windweavers/Shaman-Combo is so strong, that I dont need any T2. Do you think the same or do I miss something?

2. Is the Fountain of Rebirth/Healing Garden-Combo worth it? Or shell I spend the 180*2 power+ 2 cardslots in other cards?

3. Do I have to much T4 Units? Four Colossus and Giant Wyrm destroy anything. So maybe Forest Elderer is a bit to much?

4. I use Amazon just for running though enemies or capture wells. Do I better use Swiftclaw? Whats your opinion.

I hope you can help me!

Thank you in advance.


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So there we go my friend..

Answer question 3: First of all, where is the point of playing pure nature, if you think about to remove Forest Elder? If you decide to play a pure deck, you need to go with the 4 orb unit.
Fire -> Bata / Moloch, Shadow -> Shadow Worm, Ice -> Dreaghnought, Nature -> Forest Elder
So my answer there, no, Forest Elder isnt too much. But I'd rather remove Colossus and take any other card with you.

Answer question 1: And I personally dont like Shaman, its an overpriced, useless card. I would go with Surge of Light and Dryade, Fountain of Rebirth is an OK card. You can use it until T3, then it gets worthless.

Answer question 2: Healing Garden is a must have for any nature splash deck, also my opinion. So stay with it.

Answer question 4: I think either Amazon or Swiftclaw is a good choice, I would take Swiftclaw as a swift unit, because the massive M-Unit damage.

And as Darian on top of me said, it depends on what you want to play, rPvE, normal PvE or PVP. (because you have T4 in it, I suggest you want to play (r)PvE)


Also key card in Nature: Must have!

- Shrine of Memory


So my deck would of look like this: for PvE



And for rPvE something like this.



Feel free to ask me here on ingame if you wanna know something.

Cheers, DNY

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I'd add Dryad (reduces damage income, so you don't need much healing), Swiftclaw (somewhat tanky and melee), Shrine of Memory (energyrecyle) and remove Amazon (its for PvP I think), Shaman (very overrated, imo) and Fountain of Rebirth (does not heal that much, but not much personal experience).



The combination of 2 melee and just one ranges unit in T4 is a bit odd. But I'd keep Forest Elder (because of its passive bonus). Healing Gardens rock! But probably only worth in random PvE. Imo, you do need a good, solid unit on either T2 or T3. For my personal taste this is difficult to have with pure nature, a Swamp Drake is quite fragile, at least with my style of play.

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Hey, thank you for all the good informations.

It's a deck for campaigns/normal pve. Sorry forgot to tell you.

But why is shaman overrated? It's just 70 power and surge of light just heal for a moment. 1350 lifepoints for 80 power. The shaman outheals surge of light in under a minute for just 70 power.

so I think shaman is a good one.

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Which T2 unit is worth to play?

DeepOne is bad imo, cuz it can not attack air units. Spirit Hunters suck as well, because of the low direct damage. I don't really know which I should take.

As T3 I think swamp drake is an awesome choice because of the fact that they are flying. Most hostiles can't attack them and if you have some shamans for backing them up, it's a great way to get though all.

Maybe Abyssal Warder is a good alternative at T3?

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Shaman is overrated cause you need to bind power to the unit, where Surge of Light immediately goes back to your void pool, and if you have Fountain of Rebirth, your units are healing up passively. And a lot of players doesnt know how to manage / micro shamans, so the shamans stands in the battle. You need them to stay some meters behind your fighting units. And Shaman's cost right now are just too high. So I'd rather have a spell, which is still an OK heal at T4 with Healing Gardens, then an overpriced, power binding card in T1, which will be useless when you hit T3.

There are not many units in T2 which can attack air units for pure nature. So thats why you probably want to attack air units with your T1 cards. Otherwise you have to choose between Spirit Hunters and Parasite Swarn.

There are better cards then Swamp Drake for T3. Deepcoil Worm or Abyssal Warder can attack air units easy and with the nature heals, its almost impossible to die. I would take Deepcoil, cause its a ranged unit and overall a good card.


If you want, we can play a game in rPvE, where I play my pure nature deck, so you can see how it works without Shamans.


Cheers, DNY

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12 hours ago, Th3S0uL said:

Hey, thank you for all the good informations.

It's a deck for campaigns/normal pve. Sorry forgot to tell you.

But why is shaman overrated? It's just 70 power and surge of light just heal for a moment. 1350 lifepoints for 80 power. The shaman outheals surge of light in under a minute for just 70 power.

so I think shaman is a good one.

Well, these 70 are bound energy and do only a heal every now and then. Also, if you do not micro manage, the shaman(s) just heal any target - not that what really needs it. In consequence you need more than just "a shaman". I do see players which summon one Shaman per Wind Weaver. As both cost 70, you could double your fire power. "Enemy dead" is the best state of your opponent. If they are dead you can regenerate for 0 cost at your next well. To minimise damage income I'd use a Dryad. 2, if they should buff each other. That is then only 2 Wind Weavers short.

Of course this is just my take.

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Well to manage a shaman should be obivous. It´s a healer, so it has no business in the frontline :D

I normally kill the Shamans as soon as I hit T4. Swampdrakes a squishy enough to profit from Shamans healing. A T4 Unit has to much HP. So the Voidpower is not gone at all. It just take til T4. I just use Surge of Light, if my units a near death so I dont overheal them. A passiv healing from Shamans are a good way to keep the units alive.

But you´re right with Fountain of Rebirth. I though about it and looked up the numbers. Fountain heals 15 per second for 10 seconds, with Healing Garden it´s 31,5 per second.

Without Healing Garden, Fountain of Rebirth heals the half amoung of Shamans (150 every 5 seconds) in the same time on one target. With Healing Garden it´s the same amoung. If you have three units Fountain of Rebirth outheals Shamans. On the other hand, to get a fulltime healing you need 6 Fountains and they are buidings so you have power binding.

I will try playing without Shamans and just Fountain and Garden. Maybe I´m better with it.


Thank you!

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Another side note on Fountain of Rebirth, it effects all units, so the units from your team mates aswell, where Shaman in first line only heals your units.

I would say, 3 heals in T1 are too much. You can use 2 of them:

- Surge of Light
- Fountain of Rebirth
- Shaman

Cheers, DNY

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I feel like we need to get things into perspctive here:

Shaman is overrated yes, it is by no means a bad unit though and can be very helpful on a couple of expert maps where they ARE basically or very close to mandatory to play nature t1 efficiently. 

The card is overrated in the sense that a lot of people, especially beginner players think it is a mandatory op card for any nature t1 deck, which is definetly not the case. 

That does not mean that it is unplayable, it just means that it is more of an optional choice. That choice is viable and can be very helpful, but you can often make do without it and save the deck slot for something that might be more beneficial in the grand scheme of things. 

A shaman or 2 can go a long way in helping you sustain a fight if used correctly, just note that you can achieve similar results via other means and that Shaman is in no way omnipotent or irreplacable in most scenarios. If you feel like that Shaman is a neat addition for your deck, do so it is a viable choice for a nature t1, use them in moderation though as they can also slow you down masssively.

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As a pure nature player since the inception of the game.


A shaman is a must on some maps and not needed on others.  In PvP I would call it a must, as its a medium/medium counter and in T1 that is huge for nature.  Especially against frost.  But all cards fall into the same category as a must have or a complete waste.  it completely depends on the map  you need it on.

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  • 2 years later...

Ouch, usually pure nature is perhaps the worst color (color combination) with which to face Willzapper.
My tactic here would be: Despair, scream, spit, pull hair, cry and sweat.

Joking aside: The only option to kill the Willzapper clean(!) with Nature that I can think of would be the two XL-Root-Units, but both are basically not suitable for the Rpve :(

The standard approach would be in my eyes, but maybe I'm missing something, to engage with a mass unit spam and always first full focus on the Willzapper.
Until rpve9 Willzapper occur only in the 2nd row after T4, here you should already have some units together. For rpve 10 pure Nature is possible, but like all pure decks, a rather unfavorable choice.

But I am now also curious if there is an elegant solution that I have missed.


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as t2 units deep one and parasite swarm are nice. parasite swam shines on expert maps while deep one takes care of everything below expert. sunken temple is better than most think..you can also swarm those pesky willzappers with it or simply exceed your pop cap and use them as meatshields if you know there is a tough enemy camp ahead. if you ever build a rootdefense and are short on manpower thanks to pop cap then sunken temples can give you some fun..especially since their units do not bind power. in campaign maps and soem rpve i have had some fun with tunnels..i think there are many ways to play pure nature.

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Sunken Temple doesnt count towards unit cap? now I learned something really interesting, thanks!


as for the willzapper, I justed parked a burrower to be paralyzed while windweavers take care of it. works 70% ;-)

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