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  1. Nice Idea, i have to agree i played a lot of games much longer just to not loose contact to guilds. Just starting with the Basics would be nice. My personal wishes for Guild features in the FAR Future: Guild Achievments a bonus to draining your BFP reserve when playing with guildies Maybe a guild leaderbord? "Wich Guild played the Most Rpve 5+ Games in the last Month" etc. What would be cool but i guess really hard to implement: a "Guild Forge" like a place where all Guildies may spawn stuff and try things
  2. New Coat ist f****** beautiful! Can´t stop casting it in the Forge!
  3. I only encoutert the fire nation 2 times in Rpve 9 4 players yet, but i really liked what you pulled togehter. I encoutert the Fire Dancer Boss and she seemed to use spells with a Plan? She uses Global Warming against my ice shields and i loved it! I think Bosses where decently balanced but the "normal" units could get a little buff. My idea would be that offence is the defence of the fire Nation, so maybe make their attacks much stronger. I don´t know if this is desireble with the defence rpve "on the way" but i guess that would be fitting and make fire a lot stronger especially in the early tiers. But like i said only 2 games yet .... And i wanted to let you know that i really love new factions for rpve, i was excited like a litte child when i first encouterd them. I instanly made screenshots and send them to my brother who had to work to brag about it xD Keep it going like that, you are Amazing!
  4. Quick Question for Pure Nature rPVE Decks: How do you deal with the "Willzappers" Twilight thingys? My only solution so far is Enlithenment for a nice spell or surrender.
  5. Kzuu

    The rpve Willzapper

    Battleship ability Constuct attacks Ice Tornado
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