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Should I come back to the community?


Want me back?   

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  1. 1. The Melon Comes Back

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    • No

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I said I will come back in open beta, this is an "open stress test" but do you want me back in the community. I probably will not try to get a slot, but If I do I will create some more crappy BattleForge videos. 

So yeah, if the majority is a no, I will come back in open beta. 

Thank You, The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord. :watermelon:

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2 minutes ago, Treim said:

Just do whatever YOU want to?
Do you really expect anyone not wanting free content of this game, especially if you really want to play but can't.

Kinda pointless thread tbh - not to be rude though.

I agree entirely.


I hate to be rude, but this is pointless. Why let the community decide?


What do YOU want to do?


If you want to come back, great, that is  amazing and we are glad to have you back!


if you don't want to come back, that is fine and we will hope to see you again soon.

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