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3 - changing audio output while ingame crashes game when you try to exit


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NAME: changing audio device while ingame crashes game when you try to exit
LOCATION: Exit screen/message when you click yes
DESCRIPTION: Every time I plug my headset out and my speakers in ( also the other way ) while Iam ingame causes the game to crash when I try to exit the game. I need to exit since I dont get any game sounds otherwise. Game is getting a grey screen and hides all programs behind it.

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While I was ingame, I changed the audio as well and then tried to exit the game (Battleforge). I got a black screen with some faded GUI elements. I was unable to click anywhere or pretty much do anything. Long story short, I experience this as well.

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I noticed that when I switch sound devices (from my speakers to my bt headset) the game goes mute and it:

a) either crashes a couple of seconds later or,

b) if you try to avoid the crash and exit yourself it completely freezes and even the task manager won't close it.



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NAME: Crash to Desktop on Bluetooth connection drop.
DESCRIPTION: I commonly use Bluetooth earphones with my PC. If this connection ever drops and I am in a game which is ongoing, Battleforge will crash to desktop after around 10-20 seconds on every single occasion. Unsure if applies to all output devices which are removed, but it may. I have also found that I am not able to recieve sound from battleforge using any other output, including inbuilt speakers after this occurs.
REPRODUCIBILITY: Every occasion.

Steps to test:

1. connect bluetooth headphones

2. open battleforge

3. start a game (any)

4. disconnect headphones while in game and continue to play for 10-20 seconds until CTD occurs.

Log / Crash data: _log_proxy_latest.logcrashdata.mdmp
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Windows 10 x64, Surface Laptop 2

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NAME: Game crash when device is connected to pc  

DESCRIPTION: I got the "Low battery warning" on my headset and Moon was just telling me to escort engineers so i thought that i might as well just charge the headset and plugged it into my computer to charge. Just as i got the "ding-e-ling"-sound of the USB connecting the game crashed.

REPRODUCIBILITY: It has happeded twice.


LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log and crashdata.mdmp

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Just dont play with the USB-ports when Moon is giving orders.

_log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp

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NAME: 3,5mm audio jack plug plugged out and in again causes the game to crash

DESCRIPTION: Lately i have plugged out my audio headset multiple times due to using it on different computers. I recognized that when i plug it in back into the computer i do play Battleforge a new game being started always crashes after a few seconds. Also the sound itself does not seem to come back duzring this time i plugged it back in. 

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always reproducable. I plug out my jack plug and after a few seconds i can plug it in again. This leads to no sound being transfered. When i now try to start a game or do some other stuff which might need some packets to be sent to the server it crashes to the desktop. Since im new to crash logs in BF i asume it´s because of the sync fail at the end. This behaviour also happens if i randomly try to search a card in the market. I am pretty much sure somehow the audio not being delivered anymore leads to a unwanted state of the game which does not allow the client to be synced with the server since it seems that packet forwarding seems to not work then. Unsure here.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Since i cant videotape plugin in and out my headset i left it clear.

LOG: For minimal log size and looking through i deleted all logs and directly just did needed stuff to reproduce the error.  Added two files. One trying to enter a game after plug in and out. The other one doing some random market search and clicked on some other buttons to make the client get information from the server or forcing the client to do something at least.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As being described i imagine the problem could be because of the change of audio output. The moment i plug out the headset the game stops working after a few seconds. No matter if i put it back in or not. Tested this. 

_log_proxy_0.log crashdata.mdmp _log_proxy_latest.log

If any Moderator tries to look through this here, please consider the bug reports from "cannonRabbit1234"  and "salatinator"here: 

The reports seem to be related to each other. Im sorry i made a new topic out of this. I´ll try to link all to each other.

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Added new information related with other topics.
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  • Headbanger changed the title to Changing audio output causing the game to crash

After a lot of trying I was able to reproduce the issue. And now I have some theory why it could be so hard for me to reproduce.

I have 1 question to you to confirm that: ( @Headbanger  @cannonRabbit1234 @salatinator and anyone else who can reproduce this issue)

What audio devices do you have normally connected (when the issue happens)? (when you press the speaker button in the taskbar you see name of the device and volume slider, if you have more than 1 clicking on the name will show the other options)

When I finally reproduced it I have connected 3 audio devices: my monitor have speakers, and two headphones that I was connecting and disconnecting to reproduce the issue.

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Hello Kubik,

usually i have my audio headphones ( 3,5mm plug) being connected in the game. I do have a total of 6 different audio inputs. Two of them are my two monitors. One of them comes from a virtual sound adapter from NoMachine. The other two of them are speakers. 


Hopefully this information helps. If i would need to guess the problem is having multiple connected audio devices and when the headphone gets plugged out it automatically switches to another output. I asume Battleforge can´t handle this since in 2009 this was handled otherwise ?!?

Let me know if i can assist in any other way. 

Greetings 🙂


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The problem only appears if i really plug out the connected device. I have tested this now with the headphones as well as with the monitors and the speakers. The moment the device gets disconnected from the OS and thus being not recognized anymore it happens. At least on my side.

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