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  1. NAME: Crash to Desktop on Bluetooth connection drop. DESCRIPTION: I commonly use Bluetooth earphones with my PC. If this connection ever drops and I am in a game which is ongoing, Battleforge will crash to desktop after around 10-20 seconds on every single occasion. Unsure if applies to all output devices which are removed, but it may. I have also found that I am not able to recieve sound from battleforge using any other output, including inbuilt speakers after this occurs. REPRODUCIBILITY: Every occasion. Steps to test: 1. connect bluetooth headphones 2. open battleforge 3. start a game (any) 4. disconnect headphones while in game and continue to play for 10-20 seconds until CTD occurs. Log / Crash data: _log_proxy_latest.logcrashdata.mdmp ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Windows 10 x64, Surface Laptop 2
  2. Hi, I understand promo snapjaws were given as a free card? I seem to be missing them with the starter deck. Any idea what might be the cause?
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