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3-Ranged symbol on most fire cards not appearing

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  • NAME: Ranged symbol on most fire cards not appearing
  • SEVERITY: 3-purely cosmetic
  • LOCATION: In the card pool (on the left of the screen, opened by clicking the tab)
  • DESCRIPTION: The ranged attack symbol for fire creatures does not show up in the cards list. There is one exception to the rule: Fire Dragon. I don't know if that is because it is card specific, or if the ranged attack symbols for S, M, and L are missing. Once the card is added to a deck and hovered over, the ranged attack symbol appears clearly.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Other players do not seem to have this bug

I don't know why it wouldn't let me upload this in the previous post, but here's the screenshot

ranged attack bug.png

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  • NAME: Display bug missing the "attack counter type"
  • SEVERITY: 3 - I doubt it affects the card, it's purely display
  • LOCATION: Only in the library, not in the deck. Only for some players.
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Always for the guy who found the bug (DDrazard), never for me.
  • DESCRIPTION: While going through your cards library cards should be displayed with their attack type (S/M/L/XL/*), however some cards appear to be missing those and the sword or bow next to it. We have not yet found why his computer can't display them, however even after restarting multiple times it does not show them. All other cards are fine, it's just missing for the following cards:

    Skyfire Drake
    Magma Spore
    Magma Hurler
    Fire Worm
    Magma Fiend


  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Added screenshots show the list of cards and the display on the screen. The left bottom of the card is empty in the library, however, not in the deck.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Has to be tested by more people because it did not affect me. Please test. I made the report because DDrazard had to go to bed and we were on voice anyways.



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Thanks , I guess I didn't find it because I found the attack counter type to be more important than the ranged symbol itself because you can read that from the picture or by just dropping the unit.
@Hirooo just confirmed he had the same problem with the units.
It's weird how some players do and other players don't have this problem.

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13 minutes ago, KingBiggie said:

It's weird how some players do and other players don't have this problem.

Like I said, this bug occurs with higher resolutions. If you play the game in 1920x1080, then you will be missing the symbols, but if you play with 1280x800, then everything will look normal.

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NAME: Counter-indicator not shown in Collection

The "M" Counter-indicator is not shown by "Skyfire Drake" and "Sunstriders" in card collection


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It only occurs in the card collection as you can see... Tested down(t2) and re-upgrading(t3) Sunstriders without effect.







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