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  1. DrStrangelove

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    Oh I've been waiting for this quite a while! May the days of tournaments rise again! Just one thing bothers me a little... Why are mortar towers banned? I mean -curse well is just lame -totally agree -Phase tower is extrem hard to fight as nature t1 while shadow remains very strong... so I very agree here too But mortar? I don't consider myself as good player but, at least from my experience, it makes it very very hard to defend against t1 close-well aggression (especially from frost) doesen't it? Its not meant as critic -I'm just curios about the strategics behind since I read most of your and Eirias guides... Thats a lot! BTW are there any plans to officially sponsor/organise tournaments like this? Since you said you will drop you own bfp for it...
  2. DrStrangelove

    3-Ranged symbol on most fire cards not appearing

    NAME: Counter-indicator not shown in Collection The "M" Counter-indicator is not shown by "Skyfire Drake" and "Sunstriders" in card collection REPRODUCIBILITY: Persistent ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It only occurs in the card collection as you can see... Tested down(t2) and re-upgrading(t3) Sunstriders without effect. SCREENSHOTS:

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