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Announcement : Alpha & Upcoming Stream

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Im so excited for that.

I was searching for a long time for a good multiplayergame where u can play solo as well. But all the other games i  played, weren't that great (WoW, WoWs, WoT, LoL so much world of ....). And then "googled" for Battleforge if i can play on a private server (was such a extraordinaire game - no one game after all this game get this playstyle) and i found this project! Im so crazy for the Beta (i wont be in alpha :( but this is okay) and hyped all my friends (some of my friends didnt even know of Battleforge, but now they know all !) 

I played Battleforge so much and im so happy what u are doing. You are doing a great job! Keep on!


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yeah great news indeed. since i learnd about the projekt i wanna play again. it dirves me a bit crazy but i gess i can wait for a little while so that the game runs properly in the end. keep it on.

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Nothing more than in "Awe" it's incredible its glorious no! It is far better than that it's.... thy Battleforge Technical Alpha!!!

All Hail the Lord Emperor! 

Vindicare Assassin.jpg

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