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  1. Dammit, its gonna be 5am over here! I will wake up around 7, hopefully its still going on!
  2. awesome! thanks so much for the link
  3. [quote='Nick' pid='5308' dateline='1436895655'] The tech alpha will be done in 1-3 months(basically this summer). It will consist of the full game but without the market modifications, booster modifiactions ect. It will test the game and see what we should do. From there we will improve; this means that only after tech alpha will we get a hint of when the game will be fully completed. Right now it is impossible to tell when it will be done. Hope this helps!:D [/quote] This is exactly what I understood from the video! Thank You!
  4. People are saying so much different things about the info from the pod cast regarding tech alpha testing and the actual release date. From what I heard Tech Alpha is in 2-3 months tops and there is no official release date YET. Others are saying that the official release is in 3 months and the pre alpha is in august. I'm confused, can we please get this straight once and all for the whole community! Thank You!
  5. [quote='Arokon' pid='4852' dateline='1436870994'] There is already "original" one, but still I will join to this too ! Nice to see how the community want to grow not only here and all over the other community that available! :) [/quote] Awesome, join it!
  6. What card or card(s)/combos should be removed from the game because they are OP?
  7. [quote='ladadoos' pid='4356' dateline='1436792714'] I might be wrong, but hadn't someone alredy oppened a stream group o.o ? If not, nice new addition :P [/quote] Damn, I had no idea I looked up Battle Forge and Battle Forge Reborn...nothing, so I assumed.... [hr] [quote='TavoRechtsanwalt' pid='4622' dateline='1436827947'] Gotta join them all !! :) [/quote] Battle-Forge....gotta join them allll!
  8. Hey everyone, I made a steam group! Feel free to join and add me on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BFReborn
  9. I love GemEye, I dont know why but I just love him
  10. I remember watching all of these :D
  11. I wasn't very good at the game but I instantly fell in love with nature and frost decks. But, the one I was most successful with was pure shadow
  12. The best spawn animation are the worms...I don't know why but I love them all, my favorite is probably Shadow Worm (Core Dredge is a close second however)
  13. I missed the podcast, but I watched the whole hour and a half of the replay. I'm so excited to have some idea of when I can get my hands on battleforge again. I need to study up so I will be in tip-top shape when I play it again :)
  14. I love the fact that you arent going to be making any profit out of it. And, that there will be no way to pay in game! When the community makes a game, everything is just so much better than when a filthy rich company full of pigs is trying to steal your money so you can play the game you love.... I almost cried when I saw this