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  1. I think unless advertised and/or approved as an official partner website, the playerbase would have a hard time picking up on the site. Mostly because the playerbase is small as is. But if it could get a sticky thread under a trading forum, then this could be huge. The only downside is, why trade when you can use Marketplace. I think one thing that would be more interesting would be a website that tracks the cost and quantity of each card (BFP) by day, week, month, year. Like on this website (This website is for world of warcraft items - example): https://theunderminejournal.com/#eu/twisting-nether/item/159125
  2. Thanks! That is pretty comprehensive!
  3. How well does this deck scale? (Stronger when little to no monuments or stronger late game?)
  4. Hello Skylords of Lyn! I dont have anywhere to go look for fun decks (except for old Youtube videos, which is in 240p), I was hoping some of you would post your decks so both I and other people could get inspiration. My deck is 100% self-made so dont look at my deck as if it is a viable one, i just play with cards i feel like are cool. Please post yours and what type of deck it is for (PvE, PvP) Current deck - PvE (With cost - as of 09th October 2018 on the Beta): Treespirit (Green): 100 Windweavers: 139 Shaman: 900 Surge of light: 100 Aggressor (Green): 75 Crystal Fiend (g): 70 Curse of Oink: 50 Coldsnap: 525 Stonehurler (Red): 40 Stone Warrior: 35 Fathom Lord: 180 Rageflame (Blue): 400 Deepcoil Worm: 650 Brannoc: 300 Hammerfall: 10 Grimvine: 350 Grinder (Red): 400 Giant Wyrm: 90 Construct: 130 Deepgorge: 11 Total cost is about 4550 BFP (Prices change a lot, some times some cards are cheap and other times they are expensive)* Also attached screenshot of the deck:
  5. So do you know if Multi-accounting is allowed? I dont find any specifics about it, like making 2 accounts, sending the daily bfp to your main etc.
  6. Hi! I have been lurking around the forum for a couple of years now and was one of the first to sign up to this project and I recently got to play a little bit on the Open Beta Stress Test. I have a concern that i wish to address. I know this might be a hot topic, but i did not find any clarifications anywhere or in any ToS that glanced this subjected. So i remember back in the days people used to trade cards for IRL money through Paypal or by hand. Obviously Skylords are not EA thus they might not even have the same rule-set as EA. Obviously some cards are more rare than others and some people just dont want to spend time playing the game for weeks if not months to get their daily BFP so that they may buy 1 Ultra Rare card. The initial demand for BFP and trading will extremely high so many people might resolve to the money solution, since the supply of cards are low and limited. Overtime the demand will decrease and thus many cards will be worth not a whole lot, since everybody gets free BFP and the fact that there will be more BFP around, thus a higher supply and eventually lower demand (because of the likelihood that Skylords wont be a 'massive' thing, since Battleforge was not a hugely popular game in the first place. I am not personally for IRL trading but i just wanted to raise my concern because i know some people (hardcore PVP and PvE - Ranked Ladder People) will turn to it since its the only way to get a competitive edge in the first couple of days and even weeks. Hopefully some Mod will see this post and bring it up at a meeting, since this can heavily impact the game negatively.
  7. Hey thanks for the answer. I see the dev platform have not been updated in quite a while, is there any updates regarding how things are going and when the server cap goes up?
  8. Is there any official server population cap estimates so far? I feel like there can only be maybe 200 users online, I could be wrong.
  9. Hello, just opened a booster and I have a mechanical bug where my mouse sometimes clicks twice with left click. I got the error "You are opening boosters too fast", something in that regard, presumably after i clicked open twice almost instantly. I opened my loot from the first booster, but afterwards i could not open my second booster. Kept clicking open but nothing happened, then tried to go to my deck and then back to boosters and then it was gone. I dont know if this is common and honestly 1 booster doesn't matter that much to me, but better say then another poor guy loses his booster.
  10. Hello. Recently installed the updater and tried to login. Got connection lost and now it says i should have received an activation email. I havent received anything in my mail. Hopefully some of you know how to fix this EDIT: Fixed by using Email instead of forum username. I just used my forum username since thats what was told in the guide
  11. Thanks, just couldn't find it
  12. What about us who previously donated before you had a Patreon?
  13. Choo Choo Mother******* here comes the Train
  14. Any new updates soon? Would be pretty nice to get the latest news and to hear what our money goes to so far.
  15. Gotta love this video. Shed a tear when i heard the announcement :')
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