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  1. 1.) I hope if you create a Daily Questsystem it would be very nice if you let us the choice which kind of playing style we like to achive it. For example you let uns choose to Play either PvP or PvE to achive it. Not both, it would be very unluckly that my PvE Clan and me could only do half of the daily rewards cause we would not Play any Kind of PvP. 2.) Please give us BFP also for played time in the game and for won and lost missions more for won less for lost. So we can Play a lot of hours every day ! And it would not be useless to try a difficult Mission on hardmode often again.
  2. The buhrstones of heaven grinding slow but fine. I belief in you BFR Team Also the Appointee: Never he makes him big; therefore he achives his Great Work. (Laotse; chinese philospher, 6th century B.C. ) So i will wait in patience and frugality
  3. I will wait in patience untill you make this wonder come true all my hopes are with you.
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