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  1. 27 minutes ago, Hackbratan said:



    bin akztuell im forum unterwegs und suche hilfe. gibts hier ein allround pve deck?

    RPVE habe ich bereits mit befallen nomads etc. kann mir jemand helfen?



    Grüß dich,

    ich muss dich allerdings darauf aufmerksam machen, das wir im Forum und Discord nur Englisch schreiben (oder zumindest eine Übersetzung hinzufügen), eine Frage der Höflichkeit (und Regeln). Falls dir dieses schwerfällt, ist es völlig in Ordnung einfach mit einem Übersetzer deines Vertrauens zu arbeiten, einen Blick wert ist https://www.deepl.com/translator

    Zu deinem Anliegen: Es ist schwer ein Deck für alles zu finden, zumindest einige Karten zu tauschen - je nach Einsatzzweck - bietet sich je nach dem schon an. Die meisten Decklisten die du hier und auf dem Discord findest werden wohl für RPVE sein, aber es werden sich sicher auch einige für die Kampange finden. Gerade die ersten beiden Schwierigkeitsgrade kann man evtl. noch ganz ok mit einem Allround Deck angehen.

    Auf Grund der zahllosen Möglichkeiten die es gibt, wäre es evtl. hilfreich zu wissen was dir Spaß macht oder in welche Richtung es gehen soll. Wenn du brandneu dabei bist, finde ich zum Beispiel diesen Thread hier sehr empfehlenswert:

    Ansonsten kann ich nur empfehlen einfach mal hier zu stöbern, evtl. auch mal in diesen Thread zu schauen:

    Oder auf dem Discord vorbeizuschauen, wo es seit neuestem einen "Deckbuilding" Kanal gibt, wo du auch gezielte Fragen stellen kannst.



    I must point out that we only write in English in the forum and Discord, a matter of politeness (and rules). If you find this difficult, it's perfectly fine to just work with a translator you trust, worth a look is https://www.deepl.com/translator.

    About your request: It's hard to find a deck for everything, at least swapping some cards - depending on the purpose - is a good idea. Most decklists you will find here and on Discord will probably be for RPVE, but there will surely be some for combat as well. Especially the first two difficulty levels can be tackled with an allround deck.

    Because of the countless possibilities it might be helpful to know what you like or in which direction it should go. If you're brand new to it, I highly recommend this thread for example:
    [Click and drag to move].

    Otherwise I can only recommend to have a look here, maybe also at this thread:
    [Click and drag to move]

    Or have a look at the Discord, where there is a new "Deckbuilding" channel, where you can ask specific questions.

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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  2. Goes in the same direction for me.

    Coat artwork is just suuuuper awesome, and also like how the card plays.
    Banzai voice lines are super awesome too, damn what a cool voice.
    Also the gameplay is a bit underwhelming and tho it is a bit anti-meta due to how the game works, I have much love for the Wasteland Terror too. Just love dragons!
    Evil Eye goes boom, who does not like it?!
    And ofc, Bandit Minefield, just the best card in the game! @Hirooo 😉  (can't tag you here, cause I don't know whats your forums name, but perhaps you see it by chance)

    Yeah, the Reborn edition is already a masterpiece, great job guys and girls!!

    EDIT-PS: Patch when? 😛

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  3. @KserSke

    This is what we came up with in the stream

    Again after the tier definition:

    S - Absolute powercreeps that you can almost not pick if playing pure shadow (or sometimes mix related)
    A - Obvious picks in their decks and strong first choices
    B - More niche, but very good cards that are usefull in many situations

    C - Alternative picks that are weaker as B+ but still viable sometimes + halfway viable Fun-tier

    D - Either cards that are rarely playable or that have very, very few niche use-cases

    F - just plain useless (in pve)



    The VoD can be found here:


  4. Heya, thanks for another video on that, enjoyed it very much again!

    This time I'm very much closer to Kserke then to Dutchy, for almost every card I can go with Kserskes comments on it. Sometimes I would go one tier higher or lower, but we have seen this is a common thing in all of our tierlists we had, be it on cards or on decks.

    Only things where I disagree on Kserske more then one tier:

    - Plauge is S tier, and this is not much a question of taste, one of the strongest spells in the game
    - same goes for Booster in the buildings
    - Shadow Worm is not thaaat bad, he is no reason to play 4 shadow and that is super sad, but if you want to build around him it works ok-good
    - Unholy Power is a D for me. Clunky to play, runs often out usually quicker as people would guess, only rarely usefull as it stacks with Unholy Hero

    Keep on the good work!

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