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  1. @Ultrakool Happy Birthday man!

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      profile viewz on the rise!

    3. EonBen


      ikr Ultra? XD

    4. Ladadoos


      We are just thinking of the community, not spamming status updates :kappa: 

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  2. I mean, first thing that comes up for me when I google your name is your profile picture, so lol.
  3. To be honest, there's a slight difference between Anime and Cartoons, but thee main one is where it was made, Because Anime has to come from Japan. Though I personally don't find any problem in people also listing Cartoons in a list like this, I do think think you shouldn't call an Anime a Cartoon and the other way around.
  4. Yeah, I definitely have to agree with you @Riviute that Alatreon is a really tough, but also awesome boss in the MH series ^-^ But as for my entry... idk if it really counts but whatever, it's the End Chapter of Fire Emblem Conquest in Lunatic mode, since it's extremely difficult to do that without losing any units, which even tho it's the End Chapter, as a FE player you instictively don't wanna lose any units if you can help it xD but yeah, First of all there's the Boss, which is a possessed version of the character Takumi, which is able to shoot all your units from a big distance as lon
  5. EonBen


    Already watched that my friend ;] was an amazing show as well tbh. I really loved that one too, just didn't wanna list too many anime's there xD but thanks for wanting to give advice ^-^
  6. EonBen


    I'm personally a casual when it comes to anime, I really enjoy them, but it's not like I watch any anime that comes out, or that I've watched that many tbh, but I do enjoy my fair share of action, psychological and slice of life Anime's ^-^ some of my favourites are probably Your Lie in April, Code Geass and Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom.
  7. btw, I could ACTUALLY make it depressing, but don't think the Skylord Reborn forum is the right place to throw all my problems in XD
  8. when you ride your bike into a hedge when your dad's teaching you how to ride a bike because he told you to keep going no matter what and also didn't say how the brakes work. (was like 11 years ago)
  9. Mine was only a few days ago and was the following: "congratulations @Kiwi , you certainly deserve it. ^-^ " not a clue, but since I'm only at 103, I could easily count back to see what it was XD
  10. the green version was very handy for newer player, or players that simply didn't have the money for many charges, cuz pairing it with Rifle Cultists allowed to to easily get a new charge ready, absolutely love this card. It does lose it's use once you get you decks build up, but I love it because of how much of a help it was when I was starting out ^-^
  11. does this mean the site name and forum name will also be changed from "bfreborn.com" and "forum.bfreborn.com" ?
  12. so... what do you guys think of the new Nintendo Switch (aka as the Nintendo NX) that was just revealed? I'm personally in love <3_<3



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      @Dallarian damn right! For a second there they had me convinced it was a good product....

    3. Riviute


      im definitely gonna get the nintendo switch, no doubt about that ! :)

    4. BionicReaper
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  13. IMO the red affinity is rzally good stonekin PvP decks, though a deck can easily be played without it as well. But just the fact that this card is a relatively cheap M-Counter, on top of it being able to deal extra damage to common units like Nightcrawler, Burrower, Scythe Fiends, Deep One. Though it suffers from being a Melee S-Unit. Overall it's still very solid card and I like it a lot.
  14. I signed it, hope it helps.
  15. 2128 became time I posted something here again.
  16. hmm, I might join in, I'll be having a few free days coming up so I can atleast try it out, I'll let you know when I have an Acc and hopefully we'll be able to play together ^-^ it's been a while since I played one of these games.
  17. EonBen

    Kiwi Shipping

    As another person that was present in chat for this, I'm not sorry at all, I'm happy this is a thing
  18. hReally love this card, as a stonekin player that usualy used Nature T1 (in PvE atleast) I usually had this card in my deck as a swift unit, it's basically the choice you have to make: do I use Amazon or Swiftclaw? imo they're both great cards an I've use both a lot depending on the deck/map I was going to play. Also, the Art and general looks of Amazon is amazing imo. ^-^
  19. hmmm, never really cared much for this card, even tho I liked to use a lot of nature splashes back then, never really put it in my deck tbh cuz I just didn't find it worth it. also, as a sugestion for a next card, maybe Grinder? since I looked at the lsit in the first post and according to it it hasn't been discussed yet.
  20. Really nice job on this guys ^-^ though I do kinda wish you'd have also given both T1 possibilities in the deck example section for the splash decks, but that's the only real "negative" criticism I have, absolutely love this thread. Will deff be using it once the game comes out ;]
  21. like @Riviute said, good for early in the game if you're low on cards, porb one of the better F2P cards, but should be replaced by a better card as soon as you can afford them.
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