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  1. I like Samurai but not your Avatar
  2. I'm a lover for Japanese culture, so I had to go with Samurai. That said though, both topics are very interesting imo, wish we could see the end result but oh well, so be it XD Good luck with it mate.
  3. let the shitposting commence! (also, not gonna post my actual best I have on my pc because... well.... it's a bit sexually tinted, nothing you actually see, but... not gonna risk a ban over something as dumb as a gif XD)
  4. It was just a little game for kids where you have your typical overworld and a penguinn as your avatar, you could dress him up however you wanted but the main part was just interacting with other players.
  5. LMFAO and I personally never played it, but I know a lot of people who have so, rip Club Penguin
  6. Welcome back man :]
  7. @Ultrakool I've sent you a request on Battle.net
  8. I know this is an older topic, but since I recently got OW, and have been play it A LOT since then, I thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone on the Forums would like to play sometime :] (and maybe also cuz I saw Ultra playing OW on Discord, lol)
  9. Voted for @PooRJoghurT's design because I absolutely love the idea of basing the logo on the Monuments, as they are a key object in the game. However I agree with @SilenceKiller99 that the text in the second picture could use some work to be made a lot more visible.
  10. ooooh, I likey that second one The QueekQueek one is hilarious though XD
  11. 2234 It's been a while since I've been here
  12. ooooh, I've had that happen waaay too many times. Mainly at school, and you never know when someone is coming or even already there at a school.
  13. Happy New Year my fellow Skylords :]

    1. Dodotron


      Happy new year to you and the other skylords too!

  14. I like it a lot, though I would maybe make the "Skylords" a little more blue then it is now.
  15. EonBen


    Alright, I'll be waiting eagerly :]
  16. EonBen


    I'm down for this yeah, tho idk how many of the categories I'd actually be able to compete in, It should deffinitely be a lot a fun ^-^
  17. hmmm, probably have to go with Fire Stalker.
  18. My favourite out of all the ones posted so far, nice job man! The smaller logo's you added totally convinced me, awesome work, would love to see more of it! :]
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