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  1. heyo santa Dawson how can I help you this year ? :salt:

    1. Dawson


      I wonder when Im gonna get my own emote :kappa: 

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  2. For all people who didn't see this message in the giveaway post. Reason ---> 800 post there...



    I'll write this simple text to exprim what nice year I had with you guys and to tell how proud i'm of nice active member. 

    Firstly, I'd like to say thx to fiki for all his intense work because without him, a part of the project would be less progressing and people would be more bored of waiting than if he would not be there :).


    Secondly, I'll talk of :kappa:. Kappa is really used on discord, I think we have to change it for this :rogan: . Why not removing this emote and use that one instead hawk :P ?  (this is only a suggestion)

    Kappa need to rest on twitch seriously. I'm pretty sure MrXLink approve that :rogan: .


    Now talk of what guys you bring on the discord...

    You litteraly transformed the hole chat into a respectfull chat. Where people can talk ~freely with some hawk's hammer restriction for sure. I'm proud of the efficiency of the staff member.

    They use their free time for us and this is "gold man" they are the best staff I saw in my life (seriously keep that) :).


    I'd like to say thx to @Eddio, @Defqon (both), @Archmystic, @Azta, @DawsonTheFish and others (sorry if I forgot someone o/)


    and thx for sure to the staff :)



    Nice community over here that the strong point you have guys and I'm proud of that.


    that all sky forlks see you in the forge soon and enjoy your life because we have an amazing community that don't need toxicity :).


    BE HYPED !

    choo choo :hypetrain: 


    1. Dawson


      Yeah get out of here Thomas :kappa: You knew I was the better one.

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  3. Does anyone know if the soundtracks of Skylords are copyrighted?
    I would like to use the music in my videos

    1. Dawson


      You can download anything from youtube without a hassle, If you are a big youtuber (idk 100k+) I wouldnt advise using it.

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  4. heyo santa Dawson how can I help you this year ? :salt:

  5. Is Santa in the game?

    1. Dawson


      The real question is, is will Santa be available during the open beta or not. Maybe we'll never know :o

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  6. England breaks when it snows heavily. 

    1. Dawson


      Yeah well at least its not as bad as here in Canada. Its a cold, cold life here in my igloo...

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  7. Thanks to @Eddio my profile picture now fits the seasons greetings!

    +rep to you, good sir!



    First of all, it's my lastest post and activity here plus Discord... (until release)

    I'll left the forum/discord until release for multiple purpose such as argument and other things like that i'm just bored of this.

    I'm sorry to all people that I've hurted and think to change some things and be really serious this time... really, no joke and stop taking all like a troll from what I say. That annoying for me and that doesn't really help the things go better.


    See you guys till January.

    Hope things will go better this wait and be clear (I know i'm not all the times good in english but I do my best.)




    1. Dawson


      You didn't cause any arguments at all. A troll here and there often gave us a smile to our days. You have been one of the most active members here on skylords reborn. I thoroughly disagree with you leaving, though if it is your best interest I have no say in your decision and whatever you really chose to do I will respect.

      Hugs and tears,


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  9. Happy birthday @Ultrakool !!  :D

    1. Dawson


      I know you can see birthdays at the bottom. But I mean does he check it everyday? I dont even check it once a week.

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  10. Happy birthday @Ultrakool !!  :D

  11. Hit me up with your gaming music playlist!        :drool:

  12. Free stuff is good stuff (22 hours left)


    1. Dawson


      Is there a way to get these on steam? I thought I did it with civ lll once

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  13. Capture_du_2017-10-16_10-42-04.png

    I don't care if Eddio already did it :kappaross:

    1. Dawson


      actually @anonyme0273 I cared about @Eddio nice gentlemen grimvine he made me B)

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  14. No no no no no this cant be happening. I haven't missed a single stream since i found out about this project but on October 28th is one of our National celebrations so I might be absent. :'(

  15. Over the 2 years of me being on the forum, I just figured out that my "status updates" were disabled. So heres to the first of my status updates, and hopefully my last!

  16. Over the 2 years of me being on the forum, I just figured out that my "status updates" were disabled. So heres to the first of my status updates, and hopefully my last!

  17. @Ultrakool What do you think about this? :P 


    1. Dawson


      mmmmmmyesssssssssss... does look super fancy indeed...

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  18. sunscreen is important because if you forget you will end up feeling a thousand tiny ant bites on your skin.
    pain and itching for hours + you get to look like a tomato

  19. Man I just tried to clean my keyboard for the first time in my lifetime. Could never have imagined how much dust/hair there's under those keys.

    1. Dawson


      ugh i hate that... especially on my keyboard, it happens way to often. I use the razer mechanical keyboard

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