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    Best farming gold per hour rate


    Best farming gold per hour rate

    I agree, the problem is that currently there is a map specific average, whilst ur system makes all maps equal in gold return. Hence if we average it all out the previous gold farming maps would grant less gold than they used to. If we instead set them as standard, previously unattractive maps for gold farming suddenly become potential gold farming maps too. I would prefer option 2

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    Ok, so u want to roughly double the current gold gain for new players and half the maximum possible for experienced players

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    These are the current Upgrade Disenchant Values for single cards of which One can get up to 4 per match, copy this and reassign values Rarity / Upgrade Tier One (I)Two (II)Three (III) Common 50 Gold 300 Gold 900 Gold Uncommon 100 Gold 450 Gold 1500 Gold Rare 150 Gold 650 Gold 2500 Gold Ultra Rare 250 Gold 950 Gold 3500 Gold

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    Currently the maximum one u3 upgrade card can grant is 3500 !

    Converting Gold to BFP and Vice Versa

    Regarding the currency exchange: As you criticize having too little Gold having a conversion of 1000 Gold granting you 1 BFP, doesnt really solve the problem. As that decreases your gold. if that is meant to be both ways, so also 1 BFP can be converted into 1000 Gold, which means you can get 570,000 Gold just by doing dailys + selling ur booster. This sounds like too much too me, hence I suggested in my Balance proposal only an Exchange rate of 1 BFP grants 100 Gold. and only in that direction. Those 57k gold should be definitely enough as additional daily gold income if you give up your entire daily bfp income for it.

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    And what is ur proposed expert gold value per U3 card?

    Converting Gold to BFP and Vice Versa

    Nobody plays on test server cause there is nobody to play with If u would make it default testserver people would play there for sure

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    So if u decide to lower the value u3 disenchant would get, why does a non speedrunner get more out of it ? and his number was 400 for u1 1200 for u2 tbd u3, current max u3 is 3.5 following his sequence new u3 perhaps 3.6k hence guns of lyr expert assign consistent 14.4k if > 1 player and not averaging to 10k

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    Well but he suggests that rarity doesn’t matter and each time u play expert u only get u3, hence all 4 cards are guaranteed to give the maximum value which is tbd. Beforehand you could get unlucky and draw non ultra rares and thus not get the maximum possible per map, whilst now every map grants the same on expert, leaving only time to be the deciding factor

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    First I don’t like your hopes secondly why would it ? It makes gold income solely dependent on how long u need for the map as you would get each time the same amount

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    It would make maps more equally attractive for gold farming. Although the spend time / general difficulty of that map ofc still varies. Attached I made an overview about gold (without guarantee):

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    But if all disenchanted u still get the gold for all 4

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    The 332 is only gold you received from the chests. You received upgrade cards, wich have a disenchant value : Infect II: 950 Dying Breed II: 450 Sunken Temple II: 300 Treefiend II: 300 So in total you actually would have got 2332 gold for that match if you had disenchanted all upgrades into gold.

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    So I can confirm first map Encounters with Twilight is doable on expert just with the tutorial deck. It isn't well played but I might try to upload it later.

    Expert multiplayer maps done solo

    The forum is english only. I did check the rankings back then, nobody played it solo in 9 minutes.
  17. Hello there, currently, the old 12-player scenarios Ascension and Passage to Darkness are disabled due to synchronization problems. In fact, these 12 player scenarios were not actually maps with 12 players but each just three connected four-player maps. I will try to make independent four-player scenarios out of them, thus create 3 individual maps out of Ascension + 1 out of Passage to Darkness. As of right now, Passage to Darkness already works. Remember that the audio instructions by Moon may not be correct as there are no longer any connected maps and you are alone in Western Akylos. Just as back then, the two main goals are to first destroy all Shrines and then all living Aspects. Fortunately, the Wrath of the Souls is not targeting you. You can download the original version of the map in-game. Along with it comes also a modification Emmaerzeh and I created, which makes the scenario a little tougher. In order to play either of those make sure to have only one of the respective .pak files in your map folder at a time. Many thanks to Emma, Mephisto, and Kubik. Best regards, LEBOVIN

    Ultra rare cards in Boosters

    See again in 1000 Boosters

    Officially featured Community Maps

    Hello there, As you know SkylordsReborn allows players to upload their custom maps to the server and offer them for free download directly in the game. After each day, the directory of the previously uploaded community maps is overwritten. Staff has the possibility to edit the downloadable community maps section, to make maps stay permanently. Below you find currently available maps. Please refrain from reuploading duplicates or old versions of the maps listed below. If you are not sure if you still have older versions of these maps, simply navigate to your Documents\BattleForge\map folder and empty it. Then proceed to download the maps ingame again. If you have accidentally uploaded a broken/ duplicated community map, reach out to staff and they will help you out. Default-featured PVE Community Maps Every player has these maps downloaded and permanently available in the client by default: Atraos 1-player scenario StevenDriesner Awakening 2-player scenario Scairus Cry for help! 1-player scenario Darg0 Dead Ice 2-player scenario Ockelmann + Elias The Dwarfen Stronghold 4-player scenario LInsoDeTeh Dignified 1-player scenario Jan Kuntscher Get strong enough 2-player scenario Marcel Schanz + Martin Fischer Greenhell 1-player scenario Yves Baumgarte Heart of Corruption 1-player scenario Arvid Hahn Just Cold 1-player scenario Luke Phlegethons Raid 1-player scenario Timm Boukoura Ruins of Zaebos 1-player scenario Jan Ried Twisted Legends - 0.998 4-player scenario Omelie Permanently Downloadable PvE Community Maps: Players can download these maps in the section PvE Community Maps on the world map: Playable Scenarios: Simple Land 1 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 2 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 3 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 4 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 5 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 6 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Simple Land 7 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN + Spitzkopf Download Simple Land 8 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Invasion of Simple Land 1-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Rise of a Demon 1-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Wall Defence 1-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Dragon Hunt 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Into the Jungle 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + Perendi + Kyriel + LEBOVIN Download Groundhog Day 2-player scenario Emmaerzeh + BlackMasterN + LEBOVIN Download Legions 4-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Passage to Darkness 4-player scenario LEBOVIN Download Passage to Darkness Mod 4-player scenario LEBOVIN + Emmaerzeh Download Maps for testing purposes: Community Smithy 1-player scenario Emmaerzeh + LEBOVIN Download Other downloadable PvE maps Eventually maps from below will move up to the permanently downloadable section, once they have been updated: Christmas Defense Umbabwe TD Conquest Rogans revenge Tic Tac Toe Connect 4 Kings Ridge PvP Community Maps (enables Spectators): Simai Wazhai Fyre Uro Lajesh Elyon Haladur ------------------------------------------------------- Dyrum Best regards, LEBOVIN

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Obviously me! gj

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    @MenTos Right now you can select Reward Mode Assign in PvE Campaigns to afterward disenchant the granted upgrades directly into gold. This way Campaign on Expert is way more profitable than RPvE as you can get up to 14000 Gold for just 1 Run, which sometimes does not even take 3 minutes ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M54qssuYV2E ). Less difficult strategies are available too. The Guns of Lyr, for instance, yields roughly 10k gold on avergae for 10 minutes gameplay and is a very secure and easy way to get Gold (Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NmzbwdhGl0 ).

    Didn't get Gold from 2 PvP games

    Haha, he just wants to earn an epithet to become Kubik - the generous.

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Well there are like 2 opposing teams that pretty much dominate the entire ladder (just check in the rankings at the beginning of this post + the solo duo trio rankings and how many unique names u find). So getting new players to start beating existing records would certainly force us to play and come up with strategies again. To be fair the current strategies are indeed sometimes very advanced already, but everybody is just human so no reason that you wouldn't figure it out. PS: whats ur ingame name?

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Ok, guys, this topic was about "Is a hard reset really needed". We received the answer that yes indeed a wipe is needed for technical reasons. So no reason to argue about it or if it is coming or not and whatever promises. This is a technical constraint we cannot change now. So all discussion should only concern measures afterwards. Hence discussions if players coming back after wipe etc. are not necessary here. ---- It is not the same with test server now and the proposed unlocked accounts, because in the proposal players of both account types could play together, whilst on test server they cannot play with players on normal server (equivalent to a proposed progression account). --- Correct me if I overread something, but what was a reason given why the account split as in my fictional screenshot is a bad idea. The argument that unlocked players can carry normal players has been invalidated as already happening.

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I am actually in favor of implementing this right now. To see if it has the desired effect. For now without any restrictions or rewards. If you will there can be achievements for progression but simply in the form of notification and looking at them. Of course, right now we have lots of players for which the unlocked account does not make a difference to their progression account anymore, but for all the new accounts created onwards from implementation, we could already gather data if this is a feasible change for post reset.

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