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  1. I've tried to reproduce the bug in rPvE lvl 9 - I managed to get to over 85 Snapjaws and 550 population. Extremely OP, nothing can stop such an army.
  2. Not sure if bug or a feature, but summoning units via Satanael active ability does not trigger maximum population block. As shown on Corsairs - if you have a population of 120 or summoning a unit would exceed that number the active ability is greyed out and inaccessible. When you use the ability on Satanael, it does not block you from summoning units - in this instance the screenshots are taken in the forge, but it also works during gameplay, I've reached over 300 pop, which has caused some lagging and stability issues. Also super-OP in PvE and rPvE. 2-3 Satanaels are unbeatable.
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