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  1. That sounds promising, atleast for me. I know there are some people out there who dont have enough time to grind for a lvl 120 deck (even tho i think u dont necessarily need a lvl 120 deck anyway). But preperation for a game between two people (or mutliple people) is also a core mechanic of strategic game like battleforge. Everyone has individual strength and weaknesses and this can be both on either side. Premade decks completly negates that part of the game. I maybe could accept/tolerate seperate queres or modes, but i gernerally prefer the common system of the original game. I personally also feel like activly trieing to get a better deck and constantly improve it is one of the best parts of the game. Finally getting that lvl 3 upgrade u wanted for some time and then playing vs other people who are in the middle of grinding for their own deck. That gave me so much statisfaction. But now queuing up for a ranked just to go vs another lvl 120 deck just doesnt do it for me and takes out alot of momentum trieing to upgrade my own deck. So hopefully they come up with a decision where we going with this, or what are their plans on improveing/modifing the current system.
  2. Yeah i think that too. That was literally the best part of the game to grind for his pvp deck. I mean realy no game is doing that. Image playing wow and getting instandly max equip that would suck very much....
  3. I agree. Getting two lvl 120 decks every week is just horrible. Its like getting a new game and instandly getting everything u need though a cheat code. The least thing they can do is to ban the decks from ranked. This mechanic destroys the game for me. Iam not up do date with everything they said untill now, but didnt they say that they will realease the game just as it was on the day the ea servers went down? I mean i have no motivation to grind now. No fun
  4. BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Marco3104 Marco3104 Top EUW
  5. BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Marco3104 Marco3104 Top EUW
  6. IGN: Marco3104 Role: Top > Jungle > Mid Region: EUW Iam German, Diamond and Riven main
  7. I want to register myself for 2v2. And how can i open a Team ( I want to play the 2v2 with a friend of mine) ?
  8. 1. Death Note / Code Geass 2. Bleach 3. Steins;Gate
  9. Sound nice. I would appreciate such a guide
  10. wow hard elaboration there. I didnt expect that there is such a huge strategy behind PVE. Nice work
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