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  1. I was talking to Zyna on the discord and he suggested a Collection or Free PvP lobby separation, where the collection mode would only let you use collected cards. Obviously this would be foolproof if the pvp playerbase was big enough (obviously it's not very big), but I would love to see it.
  2. It has nothing to do with the fact that the grind is PvE based, it is the process of grinding to achieve higher deck score, which is rewarding. Imagine playing basketball 4 hours a day to improve your game and your goal is to win a state championship, the reward justifies and defines the grind and why it was rewarding to the individual.
  3. Who are you to say how someone should or shouldn't play a video game the way they want to. If seemingly the majority of players enjoyed the grind of PvE to build a stronger PvP deck and the process of building that deck to it's full potential, why should they accept this change? Why not keep the premade decks to Ranked play only if it's so important to level the playing field? Or push this premade deck release to a later date to give people time to build up their collection.
  4. Having U2 upgrades instead on these decks, while still giving players something to grind and look forward to is a great idea. I'd still like a mode with no pre-made decks at all, but this could still accomplish the things they wanted to do with the idea. A good player with U1/U2 will still outplay and win against a newer player will all U3.
  5. Made a post about this earlier today, definitely agree this takes away a large portion of why I used to play. Even the original post about the premade decks suggested using them in only ranked play, not unranked as well.
  6. A large portion of the fun in this game for me previously was building my PvP decks from scratch U1 and upgrading overtime. Having edit-able top tier 120 PvP decks simply removes the enjoyment of having your own developed deck. Obviously the premade 120 decks make sense in Rated to keep the playing field level, but I would like to suggest removing them from Unrated for the sake of being able to have more diverse matchups and still build a deck that you saw from the start. I think major changes like this are bad for long-term longevity of the game when there's no time spent upgrading cards of your choice for a PvP player. Obviously you can technically still build full decks from U1 scratch, but handicapping yourself by not using the available U3 cards that you can swap out doesn't make much sense.
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