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  1. Please have a feature where you can reconnect to games where you dc'ed. A lot of people sometimes have hiccups with their internet and their thing disconnects momentarily, and they can't join the game at all. If there was a feature where you would be taken straight back to the game that you joined it would make things much eaiser.
  2. Now that i think about it, i guess you can just collect the cards independtly, and not use the pvp decks if you choose not to.
  3. I agree, they should remove them, grinding for the decks was actually fun.
  4. i know, but sometimes when you're in time trouble its kinda hard to micromanage that. it would make it less stressful.
  5. Can you please make it easier to open chests, like just click on them and they open automatically. instead of having to get your whole army into position and then waiting a few secs its kinda annoying, and it wastes times in pve.
  6. Can anybody show me a decent frost/nature pvp deck?
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