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  1. @RadicalXSorry that I underestimated Skylords Reborn a bit, it might be because I've played only few RTS games in my life and it was many years ago, thanks for clarifying. But what I just meant to say was that all of that discussion started because that change is very impactful for many people. As you said there are many other diffrences but for RTS-newbie like me they aren't as noticeble as card collecting aspect of the game. I remember years ago that people were saying that Battleforge is diffrent because it offers card collecting. Some treat it like it's nothing, but if so many people disagree with that change then it means that there's something to talk about.
  2. I totally agree with @LagOps. Battleforge was a mix of card game and RTS game and that made this game unique. When you give everyone permanent access to top tier decks then you remove very important aspect of this game (even if it only affects PvP decks). In case of PvP you basically treat cards not like a cards, but like a diffrent way to visualize troops, buildings and spells and treat collecting as something completly necessary that has to be done to enjoy PvP - I completly disagree with that. What is the difference between Skylords Reborn in current state and other RTS games in terms of PvP then? For me the difference between Battleforge and other RTSes was that you had to earn your deck and upgrade it to become better and better. And that was the only difference I noticed, but it was the most important difference for me! Someone on discord said that these free PvP decks were made because of lack of people intrested in PvP, but don't you think that it was caused by Beta? People knew that there will be hard reset after Beta is over, so less people were playing the game. Maybe consider removing the decks for 1-2 months and if the playerbase will grow then I don't think there will be a problem with PvP queues even without free PvP decks (like it was in Battleforge), on the other hand if the playerbase won't be big enough, then reintroduce them to the game.
  3. Removing it completly maybe isn't the right choice, but leaving it as it is now is not good aswell in my opinion. IMO the problem is that people who are PvE-oriented are completly fine with that change because they get free PvP decks to "have fun" from time to time without having to spend BFP to make them (so they can spend BFP for their PvE decks). But on the other hand people who prefer playing PvP (and collecting PvP decks) feel bad about that change cause they only need to spend BFP to buy few cards just to personalize these decks a little bit, but tbh you don't even need to change them at all. Why is the diffrence so big? I mean why do you have to make PvE deck from scratch, as you said "spending hundreds of hours" to make it and then in case of PvP decks you literally get everything complete and ready? I think it's not a bad idea to make separate queue for people who want to practice PvP using these decks or just for people who don't want to spend BFP for PvP decks but they want to play PvP from time to time. Then if you are more into PvP - you have to build your own deck from scratch to play in ranked games. ELO system will guarantee that people with worse decks/skill will play together on lower ranks and people with better decks/skills will play together on higher ranks, that's how it used to be years ago and that's how it is in most card games.
  4. How about learning to discuss and talk with other people instead of thinking that only your point of view is correct ? It's "Suggestions" section so this is the place to propose changes for the game and for talking about it.
  5. I also agree that giving people 120 level decks isn't best idea. I logged in yesterday hyped after many years of not playing this game. When I saw those free PvP decks all leveled up including all needed cards (even ultra rares!) I felt that there is absolutely no reason to collect cards for me as a mostly PvP player. You dont even have to change anything in these decks, they are absolute top tier. You cant say it's "just" PvP if for some people this is the only content they are intrested in. At the beggining everyone will have bad decks and everything will be equal. Later on people with better decks will climb the rank and will fight against other people with similarly leveled decks and people with worse decks will fight similar people on lower ranks. If someone will join the game later on, then it's obvious he will have worse deck than most of the people but that's how it's in other games aswell... When I join MMORPG game 5 years after it's release then I don't expect to have the same level of gear as people who play this game for 5 years. For PvPers this situation makes the game lose that card game feeling and makes it just another RTS game.
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