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  1. Wait a second, is this a possibility? Hawk & Link mentioned on their stream yesterday that it's not possible to publish the game on Steam.
  2. The good old Nox Trooper. I guess I don't go in depth about why it is must have for PvP, since everyone knows about the cards strength (essential to deal with Frost & Nature, because they can deal with your Forsaken easily, who are usually the superior M Counter because of their Frenzy ability). So I'll just name some random facts about the nox trooper (You'll probably know the most ones, but maybe some of them are interesting) 1. Nox Trooper overload is undodgeable. If he targets a unit once, you can move this unit as far away as you, the overload shot will hit. Some Nox Overlo
  3. Just released another PvP T1 guide for Frost! I hope you like it :)


  4. How to play Frost T1 a PvP Guide by RadicalX - General talk - Hey everyone, apparently I didn't plan on releasing this guide so early, but since I have this finished guide lying around for such a long time I'll just post it now. This time I will talk about Frost T1. I'll try to do pretty much the same I did with my shadow guide: I'll try to provide some basic informations for new players combined with some deeper analysis of matchups and tips for more experienced players too. The stuff I wrote refers only to 1v1, because 2v2 is different in many ways (I said the same stuff in th
  5. @Kispilka89 These values are definitely way too low. I mean a booster costs 250 bfp. Let's assume you would always play 3 hours a day (which isn't even possible for most people), after an entire week you would still be unable to obtain a single booster (26x4+38x3=218). It would take at least 3 months of constant playing (if not longer) to get a semi-viable PvP deck (at that time a good amount of people would've stopped playing the game already due to the low reward, because they don't want to grind PvE maps for ages). Also the market would be pretty much dead at the beginning because no
  6. @PlainVenom As long as we get a good reward system multiaccounting won't be a problem! It used to be even a good thing for the quality of PvP (You can find the arguments in the following discussion). If we are talking about repeatable quests (Lord Nullpointer also stated in the thread, that he would prefer such a system) there is no way to abuse this in a big way and therefore we don't have to worry about multiaccounting at all.
  7. The main reason is homesoil. It transitions really damn well into the T2 (even T3) stage and empowers your defense and offense by alot. But due to the high slot requirements (Ice Barrier is also needed to use it properly) there is no way to include it into the fire T1 version without making it instable in some scenarios. Frost T1 on the other hand allows you to cut Gladiatrix, because she's necessary in the Fire T1 version to: -> counter L Units -> counter buffed XL units aka. Harvester (there is no disenchant in this deck & freeze can be dodged by nether warp, so Gl
  8. Short update: Added new decks for Stonekin, Fire Frost & Bandits since a different T1 choice was also possible with these decks.
  9. My goal is to study much much more now to ensure that I've got more than enough time to play Battleforge when we are able to play again Jokes aside, I abandoned the traditions and didn't make any serious resolutions, because I feel like I don't need change anything in my life currently. Sure, there is always room for improvement (You can gather more knowledge, strengthen your physical abilities or just straight up improve yourself as a person), but 2016 was a great year for me personally with many great moments and therefore I don't feel like it's necessary to change alot for now.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have some nice days (whether you celebrate or not) and enjoy your time! :)


  11. Shadow Nature being played at the highest possible level in PvP was such a beauty to watch, therefore my vote will go for it for sure. But if you talk about the real factions and not actual decks I would chose Shadow Frost because the lost souls units look pretty cool!
  12. The delay was even higher! 5 seconds were just to much to hit any type of unit with this cc. You usually can't create cc chains. After using cc onto a unit it will get immunity against the same type of cc and also be less vulnerable against other types of cc (the duration will get shorter and shorter up to a point where an oink for example just lasts for 2 seconds) Exceptions to this rule and how to create a cc chain properly: -> Ensnaring roots is not affected by the cc protection mechanism and will always last 15 seconds (It is still affected by cc immunity so you can't
  13. Wasted deckslot for PvP, because every decent player should be capable of dodging such a slow spell. Would be the strongest cc-card besides Timeless One though, if the cast time gets removed.
  14. Ouch ... that sounds painful
  15. When you missed the bus because you were posting in the forums without watching at the clock ...
  16. This card saw a really low amount of play overall. rPvE: There are no walls ... PvE: Pretty efficient in a couple of situations (Sunbridge expert speedrun comes to my mind), but is still rarely used, because there are so many other reliable options to destroy walls in T2. Wallbreaker takes an entire slot to fullfill a single purpose while other cards are useful in multiple situations and therefore more efficient. Wallbreakers only upside is the fact that it's fast. PvP: Is this card viable for ranked PvP? Simple answer: Nope. But there is a cheese strategy for tournaments that
  17. Don't get me wrong on this I really agree with the fact that this buff wouldn't make Bandits a viable faction, but adding some sort of cc immunity will help a little bit to make Bandit Spearmen to be a viable choice for the deck (because they are utter garbage against nature splashes currently) without beeing broken against certain factions. Root & Curse of Oink are still powerful cc options, but with hurricane out of contention chain cc wouldn't be a possiblity anymore and it's more diffucult to support the Burrowers when there is pressure at multiple areas. Still Bandits wouldn't be a vi
  18. Their stats are sort of fine. 2025 dp20s against M-Melees is actually decent and synergises well with the lifesteal passive (+15hp per second). Therefore they are already viable against factions like pure fire who really tend to struggle against them in the early T2 stage. But as already mentioned Bandit Spearmen struggle way too hard against cc. They are the strongest M/S unit in combat (Stoneshards have a higher stat efficency in defensive situations!), but when they are constantly cc'd it doesn't matter at all because they will be ignored and in the meantime you will just lose your po
  19. In terms of stat efficency the unit is actually amazing for PvP. The red afffinity does bonus damage against some of the most played M units in the entire T2 (Burrower, Nightcrawler, Scythe Fiends), which leads to 1822 dp20s. Combined with 988 effective hp we've got insane combat stats. The downside is the fact, that we talk about an S Unit, that is also melee. Stone shards are really susceptible to cc and and since it's a spammable unit its efficency decreases in the later stages of the game. This is the main reason why alot of Stonekin player started to pick up Stormsinger in their deck, bec
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