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  1. Challenge accepted Just have to get my PvP decks ready for that..
  2. this is exactly what i mean. Lots of people are even a bit scared of playing in a tournament. In addition you really invest more than just playing 2 times a pve 6+ map.. which rewards you with a booster + 75bfp - every day. Playing those tournaments strenghtens the community.. players get to know each other.. and it is not on a daily basis. So i think a booster for participating would be more than justified. And some BFP for the winners. I am even open for the idea to support devs with real money donations if they get a series going
  3. Hi guys, as i just saw the thread with the series "The Stress Test Open" a new idea came into my mind.. We are currently in stress test.. resets are around the corner and grinding/playing feels a bit unrewarding to be honest (as we have to start it all over again) So here is my suggestion: Start a series like "The Stress Test Open" on a weekly basis. Offer EVERY player some reward for a successful participation. Not just the best 3-4 players as they are probably always the same and might already have tons of cards. Treat it like an additional daily quest and reward it with lets say at least 1 booster. Why? - Well i think its a good way to drag attention to PvP - It "forces" people to play with each other (not only playing with those you always play but meet new players instead). - Probably more participants as a lot of player only play PvE and think "i wont win anything there" - I think it would be overall good for the community Add: maybe send out messages to all players ingame 1-2 days before those tournaments take place. BR
  4. Damn i didnt know that there are tournaments ongoing! Nice to know Is there already a date for the next one? 1v1/2v2?
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