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  1. The issue with making the list too big is that it can very quickly make the UI ugly
  2. These are scripts/modifications a player should not do (editing the client or manipulating the networking), even though they are not ill-minded. There is currently no in-game option to export your cards and unfortunately if we ever were to add it, it would be (very) low priority. Currently there is no feasible option to export your cards in another approved way. I can still give you a list of your cards if you want though
  3. I am sorry but I am not sure what the issue is exactly that you're describing. Do you have any screenshot or video of this happening?
  4. Everyone's progression was reset when we released 18th of December 2020. This is something we said we would do for a very long time. This was the last reset though, everything you do now will be kept.
  5. This is what I like to see: just raw graphs with to the point history of data Maybe it would be nice to add a description to each graph? A very short sentence. Looking forward to see more graphs when we add more stats
  6. And you can't really blame the players for this. If there's an optimal way to achieve something, most players will likely feel forced to take this approach even if it is not the most fun one. I would say ideally there should be no obvious optimal strategy in maps, because that gives players options to try different strategies without having the fear of missing out on progression because they are obviously playing an inferior strategy. I know Bad harvest is an extreme case (and that this isn't very representative because of the fact that speedrun strategies are a lot faster to complete so the percentages are a little skewed), but according to some quick math 92% of Bad Harvest matches won on Expert are done using a speedrun strategy (based on the time)
  7. Yes. We are not going to make replays public of players (especially not without their consent).
  8. Alongside the replay files we keep track in a database metadata about each match: who played, what cards used how many times at what upgrade and charge (aka decks used), what map, when played, how long, what reward distribution mode, result of the match, the difficulty, ranked or not, who was the leader, who went AFK, gold chests opened per player etc. We have over 1.1 million replays since release. As of now replays are used for anti-cheat purposes (which fiki has been working on). A replay managing/sharing interface is a long-term goal, but no guarantees on that.
  9. Ladadoos

    booster gone

    Yes, like I asked already, please send a screenshot of your "Last booster" window being empty. Also include the logs next time this happens, can be found in Documents/BattleForge/Diag/log_proxy_latest.log
  10. Ladadoos

    booster gone

    Please provide a screenshot showing that you see no cards in the "Last booster" window. I am almost certain you did not lose a booster or cards. What type of booster did you open? When did you open it? Do you still apparently not see the cards after a relog?
  11. Patch #400025 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk, this is a minor update as a follow-up to our previous patch #400024. Many of the changes/fixes in this update are behind-the-scenes, which means that there is not too much to show. Most of our time has been spent on tracking down and trying to solve the issues that are causing unexpected server downtimes. Thank you to everyone who has been understanding of the situation! General changes Prevented the player state to automatically change from `Do Not Disturb` (DND) to another state by the game automatically. For example, previously if you had set your state to DND and then started a match, your state would automatically be changed to `Ingame`. This does not happen anymore and if the player now manually sets their state to DND it will remain in that state until the player chooses the `Online` state again. General fixes Fixed in-game chat slow-mode also applying to group, team and match channels.
  12. Nice progress! I like how you are comparing your artwork with the existing BattleForge artwork, I think that that is a very important step to make your artwork fit the style BattleForge currently uses. Here's what I think currently. The colors are too saturated. The shading is too smooth. Lack of finer detail in the texturing. I think these three points are relatively self-explanatory once you look and compare. Let me know if you agree with my points. Very nice work thus far though, looking forward to more!
  13. @Zykopana Now that I think of it, what likely happened is that you AFKed for over 5 minutes and therefore received no rewards from quests/achievements. You played a 90 minutes solo match, so I can imagine the chances that you went AFK are pretty high.
  14. You can only reroll one quest a day and a quest can only be rerolled once at a time. This is not a bug. Moved to resolved.
  15. It looks like BattleForge is only using about 50-55% CPU, so I find the title a little misleading. Have you tried simply setting an FPS limit on the game? In Documents/BattleForge/config.json you can edit "activatefpslimit" to change the FPS limit when BF is focused and "inactivatefpslimit" when BF is not focused.
  16. See issue 1 and 5. Dropbox is very likely the cause here.
  17. Note for myself: Match (ID 899523) was added to `matchhistory` as victorious, but both `matchstatistics` and `statistics` as defeated. The match was a blight match.
  18. @hholoo1 As Ultrakool said, there was a reset and everyone's progression was removed at release (18th December 2020). There will be no more resets. I will move this thread to resolved.
  19. @Lucky97 Could you please be a bit some specific? Did you gain any BFP from the match (from the reserves from the day before, so right before the refill)? When exactly did this happen?
  20. You receive 250BFP daily and not 550. You can carry over some BFP from one day to the next one for a maximum of 550BFP. I urge you to read the in-game explanation (especially when you hover with your mouse over the two question marks in the daily rewards window).
  21. Today you have received just over 260 BFP from daily boost/reserves, so I am not sure what you mean.
  22. @HardTom91 Thanks. Do you know how much BFP you had after the post-game screen?
  23. Like every event it has a start and end date and some players profit from it and some don't. Making an exception because some players missed it for whatever reason sounds silly to me. There will likely be more events in the future, so you will be able to profit from those.
  24. I don't think this is the right log. Can you send me _log_proxy_0 up until 5?
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