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  1. NAME: Blight crash for all players when clearing the first Objective Spawner right after running out of time DESCRIPTION: Destroyed the first Objective Spawner just after the Counter hit 0.0 secs. Shortly after this the game froze and I got a Critical Error message which is attached. REPRODUCIBILITY: Not tested. LOG: See attachement. Log.log
  2. Oh, I understand. I apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for the clarification.
  3. For me it says I've used up the entire 550 BFP from the daily boost but I'm somewhat sure all the BFP I actually have received are from quests and the reserve. Eventhough I'm not entirely sure if I get some of the daily boosts BFP I very certainly get way less than 550.
  4. Apparently I'm not receiving any of my daily boost from playing - no matter which map. Log attached this time _log_proxy_latest.7z
  5. DESCRIPTION: I just played the Introduction map for completeness and my daily boost got drained without me receiving any of it. REPRODUCIBILITY: Unknown. SCREENSHOT: - LOG: Exceeds maximum size ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have been afk in a previous run of the map for more than 5 minutes and have left the match via "esc" -> "leave match". Unfortunately I didn't check my daily reward afterwards.
  6. Name: Network provider mistakes Launcher for Malware. Severity: 3 Location: Executing the Launcher/establishing a connection to the server. Reproducibility: Always. Description: Whenever I execute the launcher and a connection to the server is established I get the E-Mail quoted at the end of the bugreport. My network provider mistakes the launcher for malware which results in my network socket being disabled. Additional Information: I'm connecting to a VPN in order to have internet access. "Hello!For your user id ******* / network socket id *******a infectio
  7. Best luck with your exams guys! Even if it takes a bit longer im still looking forward to playing again once we have a stable beta environment
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