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  1. piffy

    booster gone

    hi. This happend days ago, and I have done no sceenshot. I have done a relogs and the "Last booster" window was still empty. Both times. i think it was an normal 450 BFP pack, but not shure. If it help, I can try to repeat this issue and do a screen. Is it the first time u heared about that? greedings piffy
  2. piffy

    booster gone

    hi. thx for the fast replay. I clicked this button and no cards have been shown. And I had a quick look at my cards and I think there were no new one.
  3. piffy

    booster gone

    hi annoying bug?! when i open a booster pack but don't turn over the cards and then access my inbox for example, the booster is gone without me getting the cards. This way I already lost 2 boosters... otherwise great job, that you have battleforge re-released. greetings
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