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  1. R.I.P my other games. Hope to see you all in the forge sooner or later!

    1. Riviute


      i also have to say goodbye so some other games :)  congratz buddy see you in the forge

    2. SunWu II.

      SunWu II.

      Gratz to you, too! :hype:

      Did just start a big game in Civ VI, the romans i'm playing with are probably doomed to be stuck in 1000 BC...

    3. Riviute


      i know that ;) but still you have a couple of days left for Civ VI

  2. As long as there are cards left WE ARE NOT DONE HERE! NIGHTFIRE! Abilities Nightfire Every 2 seconds, unit fires a blast of dark energy at enemies that deals 40 damage. Overload Power: 40 Activate to release a powerful shot after a preparation time of 6 seconds that deals 300 damage to enemies. Knocks back small units. Reusable every 20 seconds. Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect Nox Trooper I Nightfire +2 damage Nox Trooper I Overload -10 until reusable Nox Trooper II Nightfire +3 damage Nox Troope
  3. Yeah, cook something exotic by a recipe wich has been google translated! Might be tasty fun!
  4. I think HighTech did, @xHighTech correct me if i'm wrong, but i think he went for Virtuoso + Fathom Lord (wich is a nice XL counter in any T3). This or giantslayer + Brannoc were the most prominent fire/nature T3s. I don't remember anyone going for frost or shadow. Both versions lack an XL counter, Brannoc alone isn't reliable enough.
  5. I bought one of the overprized samples from the AH when the amii edition wasn't released and later regretted it because i never picked it up to actually use it. You are the first one i hear of who tested the ability, what was the power cost? If it wasn't for the cost of it it could be almost as strong as timeless one. Reminds me of Rogans or knight of chaos ability but with a bonus.
  6. Those play a role?? I've never seen somebody discussing these descriptions. I've always thought they were some hints wich role a unit is supposed to play on the battlefield. But didn't think they affect anything. And lol at swedish grimvine Edit: It just came to my mind that some units deal more damage to beasts or humans or similar buffs wich exist. But i still think forestkin destroyer or beast destroyer doesn't mean a thing because the buffs wich i ment are all mentioned in the card descriptions. Edit2: Thinking about it a little more ,,beast destroyer'' probably doesn't mean that
  7. That's really the problem here. Pure natures biggest fear is having burrowers at its own well without the cc-ability to buy time for reapirs. Creeping paralysis can't stop burrowers; because of those 3 or 4 seconds delay it's too easy to dodge for swift units. In PVE however one could argue that paralysis is the most valuable, classic cc (not talking about cards like netherwarp or T4 stuff like maelstrom here): roots: air units won't be affected, rooted units can still attack. coldsnap: units take 50% less damage, expensive oink: attacked units get de-oinked creeping paraly
  8. For PvP the answer is clear. Firedancer is one of the irreplacable core cards of maybe the strongest deck there is while lost dacer is next to useless. It is much weaker than a lot of other units a lost souls T2 has to offer: nightcrawlers, darkefls, stormsinger and especially for siege (the role lost dancer is supposed to fulfil) mounty is the superior unit.
  9. I guess it's never a fast/speedrun and rarely a really strong choice for PVE (splashes do generally better) and more of a fun or convenient deck. For example not having to constantly click repair on your defensive towers because they regenerate was always a plus in my book. In PvP however it's everything but convenient. Beijingguy was probably the best with it and still only made it about partriarch rank (wich is impressive considering he played the rootstuff + werebeasts and manawing!)
  10. Root decks were one of the concepts i loved about PVE. The nexuses were especially useful to connect living towers to each other or other networkers. This made them an extremely strong T2 tower because their firefrequency increased with every connected unit or building. Nexuses are also useful to support armies of treespirits or spikeroots. Even in a pure nature PvP deck one or two spikeroots with a nexus and maybe leftover treespirits in the back can be a viable tactic. Razorleaf was unfortunately nerfed a little to harsh and sporelauncher isn't overwhelmingly strong neither but i still
  11. Really a core card for every fire splash in PvP. 440 instant damage with a huge aoe wich makes it hard to split against it in a lot of situations. Defensively it is better than shadow phoenix so i carry both in a bandits deck (i think offensively phoenix can help a lot)
  12. OKayish card for PvP, i've seen it used in fire/frost and tried it myself in pure frost. The abilities are quite nice because it makes it harder for your oponent to estimate when the unit finally dies - your oponent has to do a little math before erupting to kill it. I didn't use it (the blue affinity) for too long because it's really only useful against s-units that aren't M-counters (and still does poorly against DA spam as far as i remember). Pure frost has the slots to go with it, but in the end i switched it for nothland drake. A card wich is worse and rarely helpful, but it looks awesome
  13. The problem with statements like these is that they can't be generalised. The decision of taking a well, T2, attacking or staying defensive depends on A LOT of factors, one main factor being the matchup. For example if you're playing a known pure fire player you try to keep the powerlevels as low as possible and maybe go T2 early. If you're pure fire yourself you're not doing yourself a favour going T2 early if it's not to finish the game. And even there are exceptions. Different maps, skill levels, playstyles, deckconstellations.....I would try not to go in depth too much on strategies and ta
  14. That's awesome, are you overenthusiastic lion mobster or buff shark, though?
  15. I think it's telling me to hit the gym again more frequently...
  16. I think one of them gave an attack and the other a defensive buff to surrounding lost souls units.
  17. Yes, it's really a card for special situations, like defending the bridge at ,,soultree'' or soloing bad harvest on expert (like we all did, right?) It's used at 2:45:
  18. I think the importance of charges shouldn't play too much of a role for the NPE. It is a factor that can be completly eliminated by getting a lvl 120 deck before starting out in ranked matches. And if not, charges really don't matter until you are somehere in the gold ranks. And if you played that many matches already you might have gotten a lvl 120 deck aswell at some point. The other factors for the NPE (how successful can i be immediatley?/ is what i learned valuable for other decks?) are unchangeable so i thnk it's right that they are of higher importance.
  19. Because i liked the whole bandits/pirate theme and loved corsairs design (and sound!) i tried building a rPVE deck around it. Good thing it had 2 affinities wich ment having 8 charges immediately. It was unpleasent how fast an armada of proud banditships turned into fireworks, especially against lost souls i stood no chance and had to get carried by random teammates in the end.
  20. If your oponent plays something shadow in T2 he will probably use nightcrawlers at some point. Now if you are still T1 or have an amazon left over you can use her ability to temporary control the nightcrawler. While you do that, you activate the nightcrawer's frenzy (selfdestruct) ability, so your oponent won't get it back.
  21. Also helpful against nightcrawlers in T2 (take over--> frenzy), hated it when that happened to me.
  22. SunWu II.

    Kiwi Shipping

    My first thought after reading the title was that this is someone asking for help regarding a fruit shipment.
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