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  1. Plasi

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    There is only one question: What can we do to speed up the process?
  2. Plasi

    Open Stress Test Information

    Here is (once) a good question: Will there be an account creation? Or can we sign in with our current login data from the forum?
  3. Plasi

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    Ladies and gentleman, this is the spirit.
  4. Plasi

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    -15? Do you want a + or a - rep? I'll give you anything.
  5. Plasi

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I had 0, but now I have 1.
  6. Plasi

    What do you do in life?

    I live.
  7. Plasi

    upgrading to 64-bit windows

    You have to uninstal your current Windows-Version and instal the new one with 64 Bit. Before that, you should check wether your CPU is capable of 64 Bit. To do this, just google your processor with "64 bit?". To find out, what CPU you have, just type "dxdiag" into any searchbar you have on yoour computer (guess you have Windows 8 or 10) and run the programm.
  8. Plasi

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Don't feel sorry. Honestly I would even donate my to free boosters to you, since you are the person who keeps the DevPlattform online. Just take your time. As once a famous Disney movie said: "You can't rush art."
  9. Plasi

    Blue pill? Red pill?

    Tbh, no one with sanity would ever choose the red one in RL.
  10. Plasi

    Graphics problems please help.

    First thing you should do: press windows logo + r, a new window should open type "dxdiag", press enter, a new window should open if this is the first time you start dxdiag, press yes let dxdiag acquire its data click on display tab check at the bottom, wether a mistake was found or not When a mistake is found you should contact your graphics card producer.
  11. Plasi

    Local Recipes

    Well, my favourite meal is a delicous suop, while keeping its production pretty simple: YumYum aka #studentslife Ingredients: Preparation: 1. Open Package. 2. Put noodles into a bowl. 3. Open the other smaller packages, containing vegetables and spices. 4. Add them to the noodles. 5. Apply hot water to the noodles. 6. Wait for 5 minuets. Enjoy your meal! Tipp: It isn't important, wether you put the noodles, the vegetables or the spices first in the bowl. Alternation: If you really like curry: If you like it a bit more spiced up: For our vegetarians:
  12. Plasi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1420 Errare human est.
  13. Plasi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    What did I destroy for you? I posted the number in hexadecimal 1416
  14. Plasi

    Promo cards drop rate

    I share this opinion, also Promos like the swamp drake were mostly cosmetic, I would give promos a dropchance of 1:2000 (or 0,05%)

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