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  1. Fimion liked a post in a topic by AskForName1 in My Name   
    As a New Zealander, I would politely ask Kiwi to change his name as it is offensive to me...
  2. Fimion liked a post in a topic by AskForName1 in My Name   
    So my name used to be BigTits but it got changed because its going against community guidelines, But "TITS" isn't even a real word. BUT you got Dj_BlyatMan over here who didn't get his name changed. BLYAT is a Russian SWEAR WORD. AND HE DIDNT GET HIS NAME CHANGED AND ITS A SWEAR WORD. BUT MY NAME GETS CHANGED AND ITS NOT EVEN A REAL WORD?!?!?!?
  3. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Kispilka89 in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    Make reset choosable.^^
    At Login Screen :Do you want to reset your account? Yes No
    Everyone will be happy!!!
    Who did it can keep it.
    Who love to collecting and start everything over and over again they can.
    Who wait for it can join with no fear of it.
    Sorry for my poor english.
    Almost everyone.
    Kubik wont, probably.
    Its just more and more to do.
  4. Kilian Dermoth liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    I never said that science doesnt exist, i just said that my definition of Gender differs from yours.
    Anyway this is getting pointless so im just gonna stop posting now, good night.
  5. Kilian Dermoth liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    It is a biological fact that you are either born with a penis or a vagina, yes i know there are anomalies like Ruby said, but thats a different Story.
    In my opinion there is no difference between Sexes and Genders. What you call Genders is what i call Gender Identities.
    For me Transphobia means hating People who consider themselves Transgender, not disagreeing with them.
  6. Kilian Dermoth liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    Well ive discussed this subject matter so many times on the Internet and personally, ive grown tired of it.
    Sure there is scientific "proof" that there are more than 2 genders, but there is also scientific "proof" that there are only 2.
    It all comes down to how you define Genders.
    And you said "but you are saying that I'm lying about my transness".
    This is not true, by my definition, you are not trans, but by your definition you are.
  7. Kilian Dermoth liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    Thats exactly what bothers me about people like you.
    I have never insulted you or treated you with disrespect, i just said that i disagree with you.
    Many people these days think like this: "If you dont agree with me you are Homo/Transphobic, Sexist or Racist".
    You think that there are more than 2 Genders, and i think there are only 2, and thats ok. I dont have a Problem with that.
    You are not a victim and we arent oppressing you, we just disagree with you.
    If someone would say stuff like "Transgender People are Subhumans", i would be the first one to defend you.
  8. anonyme0273 liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    It is a biological Fact that there are only 2 Genders.
    Sure there are People who neither FEEL male nor female, but that doesnt mean they actually are.
  9. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Yah-Kob in His/Her -> Their   
    I think we should thank the team as they spend their free time on this and that they have brought the game as far as they have. I can hear about the comments that you have a lot of feelings about it, and of course it should be respected in a fair way. We should all respect and learn from each other, even though that we have different views. I hope that everyone gets a good playing experience, with the best regards.
  10. anonyme0273 liked a post in a topic by Fimion in His/Her -> Their   
    It is a biological Fact that there are only 2 Genders.
    Sure there are People who neither FEEL male nor female, but that doesnt mean they actually are.
  11. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Buddelmuddel in Show if the offered map is motm   
    It would be nice to see if the suggested map is motm. Sometimes you don't wanna play a speedrun, and at the moment the offered map in the lobby is seen as random althought it is the motm. If it is easy to do, it would be nice if the random could be changed to motm.
  12. Fimion liked a post in a topic by xxxShadyxxx in too much grinding ?   
    I think it's too much grinding...
    It took 5 month for me to have pure shadow, pure fire deck with all upgrades without having (nether warp, firedancer and harvester ) charges, only 2 maximum. Also i have solid battleground deck with fire t1, shadow t1. 
    5 month is too much...
  13. Xientie liked a post in a topic by Fimion in unfortunate but reality   
    Wait a second, toxic/elitist behaviour is a reason to ban someone ?
    Dont get me wrong, I dont like those people either, but banning or punishing them just because they are unfriendly is way over the top.
  14. Fimion liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in Multi-Accounting Question?   
    I can't understand how can you miss a sticky announcement that's 100% stretched to the width of your browser.
    I can't understand how can you miss the biggest colored message in that thread which solves this question from start.
    I'm confused, please explain.
  15. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Kiwi in no hacking?   
    Hello there Igor,
    We do not tolerate hacking or cheating in our project. As soon as someone is detected as hacking or cheating they're banned fully from the project with no chance of being unbanned along with those who create multiple accounts.
  16. Fimion liked a post in a topic by DarcReaver in too much grinding ?   
    Guess what? Age of Mythology EE and Age of Empires DE both went this way, the community left after roughly 1 year is less than 10% of the original player base, with only a couple of hardcore gamers left. In AoM I could easily find quickmatches within a few seconds. Nowadays I can search for half an hour and still get no game.
    AoE DE unfortunately has no player tracking, but the amount of lobbies open during 20:00 GMT (when I use to play) was originally at ~ 30 lobbies.
    Right now you have 2-5. Your statement is nonsense.
    Most ppl will play some pvp matches, get stomped by players with more upgrades/OP meta cards and notice that their units/decks/upgrades are not enough. Some will try to get better/try out other decks etc. But over time most of then leave and play something else.
    If the meta and game itself is stale and not enhanced over time this allows players to abuse weaknesses in the game mechanics that are unintended by the devs (like bugs in Crusade map for example) and this alienates most new players. Nobody likes to loose to bug or engine abusing or OP/broken card combinations. There needs to be a clear path:
    1) time played <-> reward balance for 24/7 players and casual gamers : the rewards need to be big enough for players with limited time to enjoy the game and feel like they've achieved something. Also they need to be small enough that hardcore grinders do not get a huge lead over others just by being ingame all day. There are lots of ways to do that. For example quest stacking - someone who was not online for 3 days can play the 30min daily quest 2 times, giving him 2 boosters. This way he's only 1 booster behind someone who had spent 3 days ingame and grabbed the daily rewards.

    2) card balance : The game needs to feel "fair". That means that a newer player needs to have the feeling that he could have won the game if he had played better or had a more optimised deck. If he feels that he got stomped because his enemy had more card charges, an OP unit card or more upgrades this will lower the motivation to contiinue playing. And the more this happens the higher the chance becomes that he'll leave the game. Which is the worst that can happen.
    In general there are too many useless/niche cards, especially for rare/ultra rare. Opening boosters is crap when you get a rare/ultra rare card that you cannot use in your decks at all (because it's too weak or has a useless effect in general) and that isn't even worth something because nobody wants to buy or trade it. I personally think this is the most important issue that needs to be fixed for BF to be successful in the long run.
    3) Grinding mechanic for card upgrades: depending on the daily rewards allow card upgrades "faster", i.e. quest lines like "play 2 campaign missions and get a random fire card upgrade"

    4) booster/market system : more different options to get cards, different types of boosters for example (i.e. "small booster", or "buy a single uncommen card for 50 bfp" etc.)
    These are just some quick thoughts and in no way relate to a finished concept. But for sure you need to have short time and long time motivation for the game.
  17. Navarr liked a post in a topic by Fimion in too much grinding ?   
    Yeah there is definitly too much grinding in my opinion.
    I dont have much time to play, only 30-40 min a day, and so far a only have 2000 bfp and a rPvE stonekin deck simply because its relatively cheap and effective.
    Id really like to play PvP again with a pure fire deck but thats not possible becasue it would take me YEARS to get a fully upgraded deck.
    For a fully upgraded fire PvP deck id need 2 Ultra rare cards(Firedancer,Disenchant) and 7 rare cards(Firesworn,Sunderer,Scythe Fiends,Gladiatrix,Windfire,Giant Slayer,Jugggernaut).
    And of course i Need those Cards 4 times each because of charge upgrades.
    And since i dont have the time to trade for hours a day, there is no way for me to get those cards in a reasonable amount of time.
    In the old days i had all Cards and i used a different deck for rPvE almost every game.
    Now every match is basically the same, i have to use my Stonekin deck over and over again,thats really getting boring and frustrating.
    I might buy some Cards to make a ShadowNature rPvE deck but then it would take me even longer to get a Fire PvP deck...
    And another thing, Fiki you are way too aggressive and mean to People who dont agree with you, remember
    we are not your enemies.
    We just want Battleforge to be fun and popular, we really appreciate what you and the other devs are doing.
  18. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Kajamaz in Love and respect   
    Dude, he called you a dumbass, if you can't take the insult Dumbass, you should get off the internet and get some fresh air, where a crackhead on the streets or a angry officer might call you worse things.
  19. Fimion liked a post in a topic by ImaginaryNumb3r in Analysis: The problems and implications of player progression   
    I know that the devs focus on server stability right now and that the current implementation of player rewards is just a first try of the devs. The current rewards have created different opinions on whether the rewards should be lowered or increased. I bet everybody agrees that player progression is crucial to whether Skylords will succeed or fail in the long run.
    First, I don't think the progression system should be changed right now. I want to address the key problems of Battleforge in terms of player progression for a more elaborate discussion. After all, we can only find optimal solutions if we know the exact problems. Also, keep in mind Battleforge was a first try at making an MMORTS in a time when "Free to Play" was a recent invention. EA created a system which forced players to pay for BFP and encouraged players to buy premium items to minimize the grinding.
    In contrast, Skylords will be a game that is truly free to play and for the game to succeed we need a big pool of players that lasts for years to come. However, the game is built around the monetization mechanics which have attributed towards its downfall. Former developer "The Black One" once stated that "Battleforge had a good flow of new players, but only few kept playing".
    We see that Battleforge had a huge entrance barrier for new people before they could enjoy the game. I think Skylords needs to make further changes to player progression so it can succeed as a free game. My goal is to analyze the current state of Skylords and highlight the still existing problems that exist because of EA's drive towards monetization.
    Based on this analysis, I want to name the implications that come with a fast or lower progression rate in future releases of Skylords. I also want to propose what needs to be changed altogether to accomodate for a game that is not only "free to play" but "free to enjoy".
    The divide of cooperative and competitive
    When creating a reward and progression system we need to keep in mind that we have two very different styles of play: cooperative and competitive. In the last days of BF, the PVE community mostly resolved around speedruns, grinding tokens/gold for upgrades and casual rpve games. On the other hand, competitive play was mostly about 1v1 pvp and some 2v2 pvp.
    In BF, PVP is mostly an optional gamemode, while pve is not. However, for a pvp deck you need (expensive) key cards for the meta and upgrades on all cards. Therefore, a pvp deck requires you to grind enough pvp to: afford expensive cards (+ charges), have enough gold to upgrade your cards and a high enough rank to upgrade your ultra-rare cards. This creates a huge entrance barrier for people who are soley interested in the pvp aspect. And for the game, we need our playerbase to be as big as possible so the game survives in the long run.
    As for the cooperative scene, we have the problem that pve content is rather scarce. Even a casual player will have finished all pve campaigns within a month. Also, most people don't find rpve very engaging. While pvp players mostly want to play the game, pve players usually play for the game. You perform battleground/campaign missions or quests to improve your card stack, but to what goal? For many people BF is just another game and these people will leave the game soon after finishing the campaign.
    The pve players who stay after finishing the campaign are fans who either became collectors, speedrunners or enjoy rpve. Also, competitive play and cooperative play serve two very different stimuli. Therefore, cannot expect that a bulk of pve players suddenly become pvp. Similarly, we cannot expect players with pvp to grind through pve first.
    Analyzing the different needs of players
    We see there are the following types of players:
    Casual Players (standard campaign) Competitive Players Collectors Casual players only play the game for a limited amount of time before leaving for other games. Some will stick around and play with friends, but I don't think we can do much to convert them into permanent player. Potentially, new campaign maps could be added but seem far fetched. I think all we can do is make the other aspects of the game more alluring.
    Competitive players need to have a viable deck from the moment they start the game. However, we cannot simply give everybody every card as this would compromise the extended pve aspect of the game. Somehow a solution must be found to decouple pvp from pve progression. Without decoupling, we can only make bad tradeoffs between pvp and pve players. However, I am against a hard divide between pve and pvp players and I think there are overall benefits if pvp players have to do some minimal pve grinding as well. Presumably, pvp players also start off with pve to learn the basics of the game before heading into competitive play.
    Collectors are people who actively participate in the extended cooperative play such as Battlegrounds or advanced/export missions even after finishing the campaign. They stick around because they like the mechanics of cooperative play. To make these people play the game regularly, the original BF already added a "daily quest" system. Without the need of monetization we can distribute cards and BFP more freely and we can try to keep casual players with alluring rewards and make them develop a love for the trading card aspect. However, being too generous will diminish the (personal) value of each card and compromise the need for the AH, rpve and advanced/expert missions. I also think that offering a generous list of achievements with unique rewards is beneficiary.
    There are also some fringe groups, which I did not add because they don't add significant numbers to the player pool. This includes speedrunners, people who like to fool around with weird decks or team-players (private play with people you know).
    This post serves as an entry point, I will state my personal suggestions later on. Of course, I invite everybody to state their opinion and own experiences.
  20. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Gahen in Rather impolite   
    I don't really want to start an argument about this, but I find it rather impolite to label and accusation against me then lock the thread so I can't answer. So I made a new thread in which I can answer (this starting a new thread part will be a recurring theme of this post).
    To be short, I did search for similar bugs before reporting, and commented in an already existing thread which was recent, and contained the exact same bug, not a similar one. I provided additional information on its reproduction and possible guesses on the nature of the issue. Of course there were threads showing the exact error message image, but in the last few days before my post, I could not find a thread with the same method of triggering the crash in question.
    This is just for the accusation...
    Now back to the original issue. If my post/thread is deleted without indication, then it's natural, that I will write about it in the Technical Issues section.  How could I know why it disappeared? Removed? Database error? Networking issues? If there is no indication, I will open up a new thread where I inquire about the disappearance.
    And if that thread is locked with a passive-aggressive accusation, then again, I will open yet another thread where I can give my answer. All I missed was an automated message that my post was edited/moved/removed by administration, so I can figure what happened without spamming the forums, but well...
  21. Fimion liked a post in a topic by FarRockBF in Stress Test going well   
    Sad to say, horrible.
    I was really excited to play BF again but I logged in I lost count of how many times and have not yet been able to actually play a game.
    Either I get "Your client has lost connection" or "Too many users", or last time when I clicked CREATE GAME by encounters with twilight it just froze.
    I'm not going to try anymore...feels hopeless and a waste of time.
    I'm in NY, USA if this matters at all.
  22. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Treim in Economy, quests, gold and rewards   
    While i agree it shouldn't be to fast to gain cards and upgrades it should neither be to slow. The major issue i see is that PvP and to a degree speedruns are that balanced around fully upgraded and close to fully charges decks. Especially some decks require quite a few UR's to be playable at the highest level. Speedruns have similar issues to a lower degree as often only a handful of UR's need to be fully or close to fully charged on most maps. There is a lot of maps though and while some cards are played in multiple that is still quite the variety of cards in addition to "normal" decks.
    Same goes for PvP -i doubt most players are fine with playing only 1 deck (especially towards the top end of the ladder).

    Finding a balance is key between not making it to had but also allowing the competitive scene getting to the point where they are actually meaningful and playable in any way in a reasonable time.
    As we are still pre Beta there is a lot of time to figure this out for the dev team together with input from the community and as similar threads (for both directions) were made aplenty before the dev team knows about finding the right balance
  23. Fimion liked a post in a topic by SpaceWolf in Economy, quests, gold and rewards   
    wait what do you mean, earning boosters too fast? I got 2 boosters from start and then 1 from daily quest. How did you earn the rest?
  24. Fimion liked a post in a topic by FarRockBF in My Dear Friends   
    Pizza party at my place cause we'rreeeee back boys!
  25. Fimion liked a post in a topic by michieltje300 in I'm still supporting :)   
    Hi, my name is Michiel
    This is my first topic, and i just wanne say I don't care how long it takes i keep supporting you guys I was there in the very beginning and i wil keep supporting you guys until the end!
    Keep making progress and you wil reach it!
    I hope you guys wil see this.

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