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  1. Hello, I have manually resent the verification mail to gollinator forum name. Can you see it now? Gollinator and Golli is both your accounts? You are only allowed to have one account.
  2. We have revamped the starting cards since EA times, they provide a very solid base now
  3. Guys, alot of good discussion so far, but please keep it civil or we may need to close the thread if it gets out of hand. A reminder too that Memberating: "acting as a moderator and publicly pointing people out to the rules" is also forbidden. In the meantime, I will reach out to see what the devs have to say about this topic.
  4. Is there any number to the maximum of entrants that result in 3 games as opposed to 1?
  5. Hey, Sorry that you are potentially being discriminated for the language you speak, however, it seems to me the message you sent was not a threat or something rude. I can't say for sure if this is happening or not. I understand the point of answering in german, especially because it is much harder to translate ingame text (no ingame translation/copy message to paste in external translator option), as well as answering said question in public channels, because the community is so big, that there is a high chance it could benefit other (german) people. Adding new language channels is never an easy decision, as apart from the effect on the community, we also need mods who could easily moderate the new language that are added.
  6. You can try the manual way, download the 7zip file, and the updater instead of the installer. Put all files into one folder then run updater. If he runs into issues, he should check out the troubleshooting page in technical support
  7. Instead of installing, you could take a memory stick, copy all of your (installed) battleforge files onto his pc, and see if that works? I don't think that error is related to the game
  8. Run installer and select client zip
  9. You have to switch out a few odd cards, which will still leave you grinding way less than before
  10. Hello, this thread is a bit outdated, in the meantime, we have reached a compromise with providing a weekly reset of 2 choosable lvl 120 decks (out of all color combinations). These decks are only useable in pvp and were made with the consultation of high elo pvp players and are viable right off the bat
  11. You need to play all your matches for participation booster
  12. Yeah, our Google drive Link is locked for now, because of too many views/+ downloads. It's certainly great news! And he did this totally out of the blue it was really unexpected haha
  13. yes sadly applies to all mail related things
  14. I think it makes sense what Metagross said, if enough people truly want this experience, to grind and play collection mode, then you won't have a problem finding and hosting matches with said players. And the current implementation accommodates this in unranked. Due to the already mentioned principles of fairness in pvp, as well as having a healthy pvp population, ranked pvp needs to be decided by skill not deck level and bf grind/trade timel so I don't understand the desire to change that for ranked. As for longevity, it's just artificial longevity, as players are forced to play modes they don't like, just to get on even footing. Even if it is weeks/months, it's still time that is 'wasted' and would feel like a chore, rather than a game you have fun in.
  15. jesus 102 players... devs gonna go broke
  16. Is it me or are there some cards missing? I couldnt find enlightenment for example.
  17. Premade decks are all 100% known. With this in mind, one could make counter decks much more easily, or at very least be much more prepared against the exact same deck. The free decks provide a very good base, but are by no means perfect. Therefore if you alter and adapt your deck, you will be much better off than using the free decks forever. You can then use the bfp you earned and gold to upgrade those counter cards. The only thing the free pvp decks does is give a good base.
  18. You can check against this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMsqJ1IMx8hied3W1ZRtQ5YbpgD2_kBezviNSmSovjM/edit?usp=sharing
  19. Game should not resume as there is no reconnect feature, game resuming before was when internet would still be plugged in but it freezes I think
  20. Faster time the reserve goes down means less bfp will be given out overall ?
  21. Yep that's right, a mini booster is a booster given out exclusively through achievements, you see it denoted with a amii icon, and the separate boosters only contain those factions cards
  22. Having multiple casters would be so dope, I'm not sure if radicalx is joining casting again tho
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