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30h+ Obesity Stream Videos

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Hey guys,

I just found all the videos i played on my livestream :) It contains lots of top level ranked 1on1 and 2on2 matches.
It shoud be over 30 hours of gameplay and 8gb Filesize.

Do you have the interest to watch these old videos? If so: Any idea where I can upload these?

Best regards

Edit: Just deleted the video because of the poor quality. Windhunter will produce cutted and commentated stuff with my raw material :)

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[quote='Obesity' pid='10952' dateline='1438194545']
Just uploaded. God damn, the quality is really really bad :D


Ok yeah, the quality is really bad. :/Can't you upload it in higher quality ? Since it's currently only 360p. 
Nonetheless, the quality is still good enough to be able to enjoy the video :)

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[quote='WotdeFack' pid='10960' dateline='1438195918']
I think that wont be possible @ladadoos since its a 2 h video, but he could try.. I like the video and think the video is still enjoyable.

As far as I know, the lenght of a video has nothing to do with what quality someone is able to post that video on youtube. This meaning that he could probably post this at higher quality, but it would only take more time. In that case, I would suggest splitting the videos even more, since not many people would watch this 2 hours straight anyways, atleast I think that.

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I have the time to cut and edit any footage you have. It should give me a refresher on video editing for commentating again in the future. I would also like to practice commentary again on a few on them, I would run any commentary past you before posting of course.

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I just want to be clear with everyone how much I can actually do. Video quality problems are very hard to fix post recording. You can't add something that was never there. If microphone static is a problem I'll look at a few things for fixing it, as I have options here. The goal is to preserve in-game sounds though. I would rather not have to just wipe the sound.

The replays will take awhile. This is a lot of footage and I don't just want to dump it on Youtube. I will separate games by 1v1s or 2v2s. Then they will be further broken down based on if the game ended in t1 or not. Finally they will be separated by what color Obesity was using in the game, though I might just use this criteria for the 1v1s.

I will hold back a few of my favorites and release them over time with commentary. I will spread them out so that you don't see them all right away and just binge watch them.

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Quick Update. I have all the footage and have been cutting it on-and-off for the last 2 days. By tonight all footage should be broken down into individual matches and organized. I will listen through a number of them to decide if I want to do anything with the sound. I haven't done any sound editing in about 1.5 years so I would need a relearn here, mostly worried about how much time this would consume; my second midterms and final projects start up next week so if this goes beyond that it could be a month before they get released. Tell me if you have any opinions here. 

Either way, expect a commentated replay(or 2) and replays I decide are fine sound wise(sorry I can't do anything about the video quality) by this weekend.

Edited by WindHunter
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