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Shuffling booster card positions when opening boosters

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As we all know, the positioning of booster cards in a pack indicates which cards you will get based on the rarity probability. e.g top left is always either a rare/ultra rare. 


For someone that finds opening boosters pretty fun, i think it would spice up the booster opening element if there was some way in the option to "Shuffle booster cards". Basically what this does is that the card positions that you get based on rarity can be moved randomly to any position. This would mean that the top left does not necessary equates to a rare/ultra rare and this position can appear in any of the other card slots in the booster. Hopefully, it will be much more fun and exciting to open as you technically don't know the cards you get. 

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1 hour ago, Kubik said:

I never heard about any game having boosters random, and I think it would be stupid decision, to make it random.

Well, I think hearthstone goes by that logic. Legendaries can appear anywhere xD although you can hover on the card to have a peak on it's rarity

Unless somehow we can hover onto the battleforge cards to have a glimpse of its rarity

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well game knows what the cards are before you flip them, so it can be "relatively" easily implemented to show rarity in tooltip, but we lack developers in the UI area, so even if you write request for that feature and it will be accepted, it would be put quite low on priority list, so without more people, I would not expect it this year, even if it would be accepted right now.

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