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Community update #6 - July 3rd 2021

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Greetings Skylords!

It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn!

State of the Project

It has been a while since we have released an update to the live server. We'd like to take this opportunity to mention a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to bring you some cool stuff in the future. New card development is going well, although it will still take quite a while for them to be ready. We are also making great progress on our balancing patch on the test-server and hope to bring this to live servers soon, resulting in a ton of changes for both PvP and PvE. Our new game modes are also steadily progressing; we are currently working on bosses for our new Defence rPvE mode, and are still working on adding the mono-factions to rPvE. The BattleArena fun PvP mode is currently being fine-tuned and will probably be the first of those to be complete. We are not able to give you release dates on any of these features yet, but we do want you to know we are still working on them for many hours each week and Skylords Reborn is still going strong.

Here are some other things we are working on:


Map Editor: clean-up

We are doing a big clean-up in the Map Editor that will make it easier to work with.
All the units have been organized in a way that if you use these squads or buildings for making your own maps, you can be sure that your map won't be broken by future balance changes. All the upgrade levels are now also available in the map editor.

We will give a more detailed explanation of all the changes when they go live. We expect to release this in August.

Interested in making maps yourself? Please check out these tutorials! 



Map Editor: new extended map settings

In our next test server patch, we will add more options which map makers can use for their custom PvP maps.

This can affect the predefined goals for PvP maps. So far this feature is only useful if you want to define non-standard win conditions for your fun PvP maps. However, we do plan to expand this configuration with more options in the future!

Please note that this new feature is only on the test server so far, and will hit the live servers within the next months! This is an experimental feature, and might break the game in some rare cases.

So far it seems to work, however, please inform us if you encounter any issues after playing a map which uses these new options. Please also let us know if there any other variables we should add to this new configuration!


Community Maps User Interface

A common complaint for the community maps is the map section UI. Currently, it's hard to find a specific map and it does not really invite you to look for cool maps. We are interested in working on this, but are currently a bit understaffed for the job. If you are interested in helping out with this and similar tasks (progression on worldmap, marketplace rework, etc.), please apply as a client developer and help out the project!



PvP QoL feature: view lobbies while in a ranked queue

PvP players will know this scenario all too well: you see players in the PvP lobby and queue up for ranked. After a while of searching you start to wonder if there are perhaps unranked games being hosted instead. You cancel the queue to look. At that very moment, the host probably had the same idea and cancelled their game to start the ranked queue.

No more we say! We have developed the option to allow a queuing player to browse the lobbies while waiting for an opponent. Change your mind and want to join that Bad Harvest game that just got hosted instead? Well soon you can!

The feature seems to work, but we want to do some final testing to prevent it from breaking games if you cancel and find an opponent at the very same moment. You can expect this feature to hit the live server soon though! 


Upcoming Tournaments

Last week we announced the winners of our official PvE contest on Twitch. If you missed the fun, you can still rewatch the stream there. 

We definitely plan to do more events like this, and will take your feedback into account for the next one. Please look forward to announcements on a later date. 

• NEW: Skylords Open #9
Next week (11th of July) marks the return of the Skylords Open! Battle it out in the Skylords Open #9, a 1vs1 community tournament hosted by Toggy, open for everyone, and with prizes! If you want to participate, it helps a lot if you sign-up in advance!


New Team Members / Team Changes

We are happy to announce Carofex has joined the team as a Balance Developer. He will be helping out the project by implementing balance changes, new cards, new enemies in PvE maps, bug fixes for cards, etc. 

We are currently in need of a Russian translator. If you can help, please reach out to us!

And as always; if you want to see Skylords Reborn succeed, please take a look at how you can help. There are still some open positions in our team.



In conclusion

Thanks for reading! 

Is there anything you wish us to cover in upcoming community updates? As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know!

Here is a scratch code you can redeem in-game for 100bfp. COMM-UNIT-YUPD-ATE6
The code is valid till July 17th. 

Community Update #3
Community Update #4
Community Update #5

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Glad to hear, that community maps are getting some more love!

But I think the biggest feature mentioned hear is the "view lobbies while in a ranked queue" feature. Finally you no longer have to commit to only waiting when in a queue, but can still do other stuff meanwhile. This is such a great feature imo! I think this can help PvP playercount a lot!

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4 minutes ago, Metagross31 said:

Glad to hear, that community maps are getting some more love!

But I think the biggest feature mentioned hear is the "view lobbies while in a ranked queue" feature. Finally you no longer have to commit to only waiting when in a queue, but can still do other stuff meanwhile. This is such a great feature imo! I think this can help PvP playercount a lot!

I'm glad you agree! It seems like a minor thing, but it truly is a great QoL feature for PvP players. It was actually quite tricky to implement, because it was created as a safety measure to prevent people from getting disconnected from the match, but we think we figured it out. We hope to add it to the live server soon.

 Another QoL thing on the backlog would be to swap the friend filter to automatically see your online friends, instead of all (offline) friends. 

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Since the map editor is getting worked on, are there any news on the weird behavior where randomly generated rPvE maps crash in-game while generating if even the slightest modification was made on them?

@Emmaerzeh @LEBOVIN know what I am talking about. Emma had the same problem as me. Curiously, Lebovin somehow had a version of the editor or whatever that worked.

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