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Patch #400023 - 06 January 2021


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Patch #400023 

Greetings Skylords, 

this is a minor update that most importantly fixes some issues players were having with their quests, daily boost and booster discount not refreshing. 

General changes

  • Changed e-mail input field in the login screen to only allow e-mails shorter than 140 characters.
  • Changed the post-game chat notification about received rewards to clarify that the received rewards are upgrades.
    • Before: image.png
    • After: image.png

General fixes

  • Fixed players not receiving new quests, their daily boost not refilling or the game thinking they had already bought their daily discounted booster when they did not.
  • Fixed "Open all gold chests on campaign map" quest not working on Treasure Fleet.
  • Fixed client freeze when trying to whisper a player that contained characters from the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Fixed gained upgrades after winning a match sometimes not showing in the players inventory. 

Card changes

  • Improved description of Winter Witch in Russian. 
  • Reverted displayed attack type of Shadow Worm to "L" instead of "XL", since the conversion of attack type isn't functioning correctly. The attack type may be changed to XL in a future balance patch.
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On 1/6/2021 at 6:02 AM, anonyme0273 said:

So every replay from before Thugs update is worthless or just the ones with Thugs actually played?

It should only be the one with modified units. RTS games work by registering inputs and playing a simulation. It's basically a chess board where you registered every move of every units and replaying them. If you change what moves a tower can make, then the simulation cannot be replayed because the output won't be the same anymore.

That being said, maybe there is a game version on the metadatas of the sim that blocks it even before starting it, I dunno, haven't tried. :D

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