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Pure Nature vs Pure Fire -> playing t2

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Hi! I'm learning pure nature (used to play pure fire) and find it ridiculously hard to play against pure fire in the early t2 stage. My games usally have an early skirmish for mapcontrol, then both grab 1 or 2 wells each and tech, And when both hit t2 it feels that i lose despite what im doing. Attacking is pretty easily fended of by Fiends agianst S, Enforcer agianst M and Gladiatrix against L while mixing in wildfire and spitfiredrake. Defending is definitly not an option since firedancers give to much value when attacking. So: how to approch this matchup in early t2? Is it maybe best to skirmish in the middle of the map where fire has to build a rallying banner? I mean at the moment i lose every game and we are on the same powerlevel

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If you are talking about early t2, pure fire doesn't have the tools to bring you down just yet. You can defend with Spirit Hunters, Ghostspears and Deep One. And yes, try to intercept the incoming attack. 

The problem is late t2 where pure fire has more power to bring down a well in an attack and in this case pure fire is favored. Wells go down quite fast and we don't have the tools to heal them or launch a quick counter attack. So control is the name of the game.

Before pure fire gets to its strong late t2 phase we are on equal footing and we can try a couple of things:

1. launch your own attack with Deep One + Surge of Light (and perhaps Tunnel). Gladiatrix is often played but also quite squishy, so use Deep One ability or bring along Spirit Hunters.

2. Build SoM (this works best when you have around 4 wells). When building SoM, this does give the fire player the room to launch an attack, but if you manage to defend until SoM starts running then you have a big shot of winning because the power gain is massive.

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It's also quite effective to use Parasite Swarm. It can take over Skyfire Drakes and Scythe Fiends, deal great damage against Enforcers/Gladiatrix and can even snipe Firedancers over cliffs. Just be careful, because they have a very low healthpool and one shot from a Drake + Eruption and they're dead.

You can send Energy Parasites to distant places, forcing the Fire player to summon a Skyfire Drake. Even if this kills your EP without leeching a well, it will force 100 power for the Drake far away from the action.

Ghostsspears + Spirit Hunters are a quite strong early game combo.

Don't use Burrowers, if you want to attack just use Deep One instead.

Whatever you do, don't rush/stay in T1. Pure Fire T2 is extremely strong against Nature T1.

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