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3 - Avatar visual bug

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  • NAME: Incorrect avatar displayed after character creation
  • LOCATION: character screen, forge, probably during missions too.
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Unsure, seems to be common since a large majority of players (roughly 8/10's) that were active at the time I was logged in were also using a default avatar (I have not confirmed if they had chosen it themselves or not). I assume this is caused by creating a character whilst the servers were unstable and players were constantly dc'ed during / after creation.
  • DESCRIPTION: The avatar I chose during character creation is not the one being displayed; the default war eagles avatar is being displayed instead.
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Unavailable currently until I manage to log back in.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: [Any other notes go here, such as possible fixing suggestions, ideas, etc.]

    Edit by Ladadoos: It seems that somewhere during the (first) login process avatars are being set to the war eagle. While watching the contacts list, I saw someone join for the first time with the character they chose, but once they entered the forge the avatar had reverted back to war eagle.


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@Nerevar I don't believe the issue is related to everyone. Not everyone has the same icon, just A LOT of people quickly created their character and didn't choose a specific avatar and since the default is war eagle... I chose for example Construct and got Construct. Maybe there's a specific issue with Ice guardian :P


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Do you remember if it ever displayed your avatar properly? Weirdly enough, yesterday I was able to play a mission for a short time and I could've sworn I remembered my avatar was properly displayed (Ice guardian), but when I logged in today shortly it had reverted to war eagle. Didn't want to mention it because I thought it might've just been me misremembering it since it was fairly late.

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