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  1. I only just created my character a few hours ago, and it never displayed the tremor.
  2. I chose the tremor and got war eagle. There really are a lot of war eagle players. Hawk and ultra also were war eagles on stream
  3. NAME: Audio ducking SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Login screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Depending on which step you are for logging in to the game, the music volume either rapidly ducks to almost 0 or rapidly increases in volume to the point of earrape. Additionally, sometimes when you alt+tab and it plays no music or it plays really softly, or it can also be extremely loud. Edit: Couldn't reply to this topic, so just editing the OP instead. I don't know what was changed, but the way it is now is not the way it was vanilla. I certainly do not remember the volume
  4. I didn't specifically mean to target you or the developer posts. The developer posts are fine, they are for the most part just changelogs after all. They are not the part of dev communication that repeatedly overhypes things with vague promises of some kind of announcement some time in the future (tm). And they are also not the posts that seem to take any slight or criticism as an attack. It doesn't have to be mega serious coorporate professional. But at least the communication can be free of spelling mistakes, and it can be written in a neutral tone. Not snarky, not overhyped, not
  5. The state of the community is very unhealthy. The staff is unprofessional and has lacking mastery of English, which really doesn't set a good example. They do this stuff in their free time, but it still looks bad. Second there is a group of people who are upset with the failed hype train and do nothing but shit on the developers or ask for the game now now now! Then third there is a group who will vehemently defend the game + devs and will dogpile anyone from the second group. None of this is healthy. Where is the actual discussion about the game or the server? Most sugges
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