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  1. After about 4 days of trying, I was finally able to log in. However, I cannot seem to access the marketplace; every time I try the game hangs for a few mins, then disconnects me. I have also been having an issue where I will successfully connect and be in the Forge or whatnot, and the program simply up and quits itself. No warnings, no errors, the game simply closes of its own accord. I could have sworn yesterday when I tried to access the marketplace it had given me some sort of error, which just now I was attempting to reproduce for you guys; this time after hanging for a min or so it simply disconnected me. I am somewhat leery of investing any further time into this at the moment, as without being able to access the marketplace it seems kinda pointless....
  2. Koridar

    2 - Login Error code

    I had this problem just now when I tried to log in; however it only happened once so far.
  3. Koridar

    3 - Avatar visual bug

    I have the same problem, I chose Timeless One as my avatar, but it shows up as War Eagle.
  4. I also got that message, and likewise get instantly disconnected when I try to log in; I would hope this does not mean we don't get the starter decks and whatnot, that would really suck!
  5. Koridar

    Instant DC

    Having the same problem; login says it is a success, then it hangs for a few mins, then instantly disconnects when it goes to the Forge.

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