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What are you collecting ?


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I wanna know the weird stuff you guys collect ^^

Im like a mini horder, i collected a lot of stuff and kept it till today just like:

- Yu-gi-oh cards (the very first serious collection of mine even though i never played it xD)

- Magic the gathering cards (just like above i dont know why i never played these card games)

- Pretty Rocks and Minerals

- All kind of electronic stuff (old mainboards and grphics cards everywhere)

- I cant play The Witcher or Skyrim because im constantly picking up every single thing i can find (sometimes i think i might have an OCD xD)

And now im starting to collect the UCS series of Lego display pieces (they are super expensive... why didnt i chose a dieffrent thing QQ)

The only thing i cant seem to collect is money



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Ah, that one is easy, I am collecting Tiberium because I am a stupid harvester machine ;)!

Earlier I collected Pokémon stickers from Pokémon bubblegums and such stuff. (Still have them)

This was also the time when I was collecting Pokémon at the first red / blue editions and later on the gold / silver editions. Never continued afterwards.

Also I started very often to collect stuff from my cerial packs (for example knight figures, dinosaur figures, star wars figures and such) but never collected many of them.

Later on I was also one of the guys that started to collect Euro-Coins, but stopped it very early.

Some years ago I collected cards of an electronic trading card game, called BattleForge, you know?

I think at the moment I am collecting Computergames, my Steam (I hate you humble bundle!) and GoG library just gets bigger and bigger.

Btw.: I started this on the GoG-Wishlist: https://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/battleforge

If you want, you can also vote, even if I doubt that it has any relevance...

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Old Console Stuff. 

Mostly OG Xbox, Ps1 and Xbox 360. Sometimes other stuff when i find it interessting. Also some Handhelds... but i activly collect for the Original Xbox (the first one from 2001). 

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