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Potato Anime Madness

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"Take one anime and replace one word with potato: Attack on Potato "

I dropped this game on my status (http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/profile/7627-bionicreaper/&status=1080&type=status). I thought it deserved a thread for being so big. Now............... shall we feed the madness?


Owari no Potato / Potato no Seraph

Ao no Potato

Potato Game/ Joker Potato

Potato Age / Heroic Potato

Potato no Stigma/ Kaze no Potato

One Potato / Potato Piece

Boku no Potato Academia / Boku no Hero Potato

Potato Classroom

Black Potato / Potato Butler

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No potato, no life

Potato Art Online

Potato ga kill

Potato subarashi ni sekai shukufuku wo!

Potato Ball

Potato Masters

Potato Star Racer

Potato Horizon

Potato Ghoul

One Punch Potato

Potato Collection

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One Potato man

Fairy Potato

Dragon Potato

Potato hitman reborn!

The seven deadly potatoes

Potato Trigger

Potato! duel monsters

Potato Eater

High school of the Potato

Jojo's bizzarre potato

The Legend of Potato

God Potato

Potato Life

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