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windowed mode fix (~borderless)

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Hey guys,

Some of you have a problem when running Battleforge in windowed mode, as there is no true borderless setting. Therefore if your screen is not capable of displaying a vertical resolution larger than 768 (e.g. 1366x768 or 1024x768) then the bottom of the gameplay area will be chopped off, due to the title bar adding another 27 pixels making the image 795 tall.

I found an application that is able to fix this, by allowing you to reposition the window (therefore hiding the title bar).

1) download this file
2) extract the contents (swru.exe) anywhere
3) run swru.exe
3) start Battleforge Reborn (make sure it's running in a window)
4) select the resizing utility, then find and highlight Battleforge 1.2 retail
5) now you need to play around with either or both x and y coordinates (horizontal and vertical positions)
Try setting y to -27 first, then press <enter> or Set Size in the bottom left corner. This should move the window up, hiding the title bar by placing it outside the display area.
(changing the x coordinate will move the window left or right, in case the edges are cropped and are not fully visible)


credits go to Scott who created this handy tool

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Do I need to run this program before opening BFReborn in windows mode everytime to make it borderless ?

Unfortunately, yes. This tool doesn't manipulate any game data or settings, just repositions running processes that are already in windowed mode.

We need to wait for Pointer's magic to happen before something like this can become a permanent fix.

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