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  1. Interesting bit of statistics 🙂 I personally did not expect Stonekin to be so underrepresented. I can also warmly recommend checking out the community map section. There are some real hidden gems in there, which also make use of the lesser represented factions.
  2. This would mean though, that every T1 splash unit would need to have affinities and they would have to match the required colours. This not only limits freedom in design, but also is rather tough to communicate to the player.
  3. Hey MrTycoon, sadly I do not know a lot about the lore in BF, but I know that there is a Discord server which is themed around BF lore and possible expansions. https://discord.gg/BAxJRYJPrN Maybe you can also post your ideas there too, so it also gets seen by people, who are not that active in the forums.
  4. Simple Land 1 in 23:47.8 by Metagross31 and ghostsree 2022-08-01_14-11-23_CommunityMap2P_pve_simple_land_1_diff3_s54815_{GM}Metagross31_ghostsree_time_0_23_47.8_v258.pmv Btw, we just added a few more singleplayer maps to the rankings, since those seem to be the most popular ones. City of Tears in 14:40.0 by me 2022-08-01_16-27-31_CommunityMap1P_cityoftears_diff3_s28631_{GM}Metagross31_time_0_14_40.0_v258.pmv
  5. Not neccessarily. It's basically "rarer=more complex", but there are already lots of cards out there, where rare does not mean strong, e.g. when you compare Lost Horror and Nox Carrier. Check out what Dallarian posted for more in depth info 🙂
  6. Icedessert 11:29.2 Icedessert in 9:56.8 by me Also: Nyxia in 11:10.9 by RadicalX
  7. I have used Transcendence to some success as a substitute for Motivate in some units spam decks, such as Emberstrike, Rifle Cultists and Death Ray. It worked out quite well I think. Maybe this can give you some ideas on how to use it. Just try it out, maybe it works for you 🙂
  8. Two new records: Nyxia in 13:08.8 by Emmaerzeh and Icedessert in 12:41.8 by me. Since I can't really verify my own record, I will just share my replay, so you can verify my time 🙂 2022-07-31_09-46-22_CommunityMap1P_eiswueste_diff3_s6821_{GM}Metagross31_time_0_12_41.8_v258.pmv
  9. I just verified your run. Congratulations to the first record on this list! 🙂
  10. Indeed! Maybe you will even stay at rank 1 for some while 🙂
  11. Hey Xathe, welcome to the game and to the forums 🙂 Do you want to keep playing Bandits/Fire/Shadow for now or are you looking for deckbuilding advice in general? One thing I see right off the bat is, that you do not have any healing/sustain spells besides Ravage. Maybe you should try out Bloodthirst, Bloodhealing or Unity. Especially the blue affinity of Unity gives a lot of sustain and either Bloodthirst applied to your T4 army or Bloodhealing used on a freshly spawned Emberstrike can give very nice healing 🙂
  12. Hello speedrunning and community map enthusiasts, Since the ingame speedrunning rankings only track official campaign maps and rPvE map of the month, @Emmaerzeh and I decided to create a forum post to track the speedrunning records for community maps as well. Since there are a lot of community maps out there, of which some are not suited for speedrunning or have other issues, we picked a few maps which we deemed worthy of a ranking. This list might be expanded in the future. Have fun speedrunning! 🙂 The Rankings 1-Player maps Icedessert 1. 10:01.6 - Metagross31 2. -
  13. Hey everyone, just a quick note, that if your ideas are good enough, they might even be used for official events in the future! So if you want your ideas to be seen on the big stage, now is the time! 🙂
  14. 3022 And when will the next CCC be?
  15. The problem with adding it to the UI is, that it takes much more work and we are very much short on UI developers.
  16. Maybe something like "chargeable=yes" or something similar?
  17. Wait, isn't Wheel an external buff and Adamant Skin an internal one, meaning they should stack?
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    More info will follow soon.
  19. until
    More info will follow soon.
  20. until
    More information will follow soon.
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  22. It is less about demolishing than about wastly transforming. There is definitely a sweet spot, where she would be quite balanced and not broken, but even if we found that, it would result in some factions and matchups functioning way differently. Currently, one of the main interactions/synergies in the Fire/Frost deck in PvP is to use Frost Sorceress' shield on a Skyfire Drake, giving a unit with a high damage value a shield. If we make her autocast, it is much harder to do that intentionally while decreasing the strength of the shielded Drake. So while this can probably be balanced, it
  23. The one that checks, if you are afk when you are in a match. Don't know, if it is applicable to the forge as well though.
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