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  1. There are actually efforts towards creating new cards. The problem is, that it would not make sense to just blindly rush them out. There is a lot of work, that has to be put into making new cards, for example: - Design The cards should feel unique and fit into their own nieche. For example, if you just make the Bandit Walker the same as construct, why even put it in? It needs its own identity to play and feel differently than existing cards. This includes: What are their effects? How many Orbs/Power do they require? Do they synergize well with other cards of the archetype. - Balance The cards should be balanced with existing ones, so that they are neither overpowered nor underpowered. The first would make it so, that everyone will just play them. The latter would make it that no one uses them. - Artwork The cards need a good design to fit into the style of the archetype. There are actually people doing this for the Amii faction (Nature/Shadow) in the art community discord right now. Simply copy-pasteing the PvE versions works, but might be a bit boring/repetitive. - Implementation When the whole design part of the card is done, the devs need to actually implement them into the game. This would also take some more time. So all in all, there will be new stuff in the future, but it will take its time, especially since this is only a fan project and people work on it in their free time.
  2. Concerning AIs: I generally like the idea and would love to see it implemented. The biggest problem I see right now is a missing API for programming one, I do not know though how much work it is to create one. Creating an AI afterwards will be the smaller problem I think. Especially if people can make and test their own AIs, there will be a quick development and we will probably see some decent ones quicker than we expect. Concerning Happy hours: I am all for that!
  3. Btw: Is the price for beating RadicalX still available? Not that I have any chance, but Just out of curiosity.
  4. 3002 Glad to be alive to whitness this great moment!
  5. I frickin LOVE this idea! Iron Maiden for life! But we have to make sure not to get copyright issues with this...
  6. I meant what would you go for other than style points I remember you posted that idea somewhere here before and it sound really fun. Would you mind sharing the decklist?
  7. What else would you want to go for?
  8. Nox Carrier + Nether Warp maybe? Don't know, of it even works, but it is the only creative solution that came to my mind and hasn't been mentioned before.
  9. Imo this is the best solution. It works well in other speedrunning games, too. They usuallt have a 100% category (in BF this would be the no Decomposer/amii/enlightenment category) and an any% category (where anything goes). We don't neccessarily need an ingame leaderboard for this. We can simply make a forum thread or something.
  10. That wouldn't even work for most maps. For example in PtD the leftmost starting position on each map usually takes the top route, where they find 2 Monuments. To whom should they be designated? Both to the left position or one to another position? But if you assign it to the bottom position, then they wouldn't take the bottom route. If you assign it to any other position, what about the middle route then? The same problem could appear in other maps as well. Well, if it is only about deck building and not about skill, who is it, that only a handfull of players have about every single world record speedrun? Shouldn't everyone be able to beat them right away then? I agree, that the last few minutes/seconds make the biggest difference in a speedrun - it is one thing to beat BH in under 4 minutes and something completely different to beat it in ~2:30 - but that's the same for speedruns in every game that exists. Everyone can get a time of around 5 minutes in Super Mario Bros. after just a bit of practice, but only a few people can get 5 seconds lower than that. And why is that? Because of skill and dedication. It is the same in Battleforge as well. That's a completely different topic, so maybe create a thread for it on its own.
  11. Wait, WoG's damage buff and green forest elder don't stack? My whole life has been a lie!
  12. A little thing to add to @LEBOVIN's proposal imo: The maximum orn count achieved should be capped at 4. Otherwise people going for more orbs (e.g. 4orbs+amii mon. or Raven's wns, where more than 4 orbs are needed) would drag down the team, unless everyone goes for more than 4. Just a little detail but imo quite important. Otherwise I like the suggestion in general
  13. There is also a community PvP map called "Deathmatch", where you start off with 4 Orbs of each colour and have to destroy a buffed up World Breaker Gun. Maybe in this mode you can make use of this strategy.
  14. Did you use it a lot of times before? Because I think some CCs in BF have deminishing returns, i.e. when you use the same CC multiple times in a row, the duration will be shortened. Correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik this is the case for Oink! as well for example, but not for Roots. This is put in place to prevent perma CC. It is in general a common thing in many games such WoW. But again, I'm not 100% sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Tool This get's an easy 9/10 from me. Now it's my turn:
  16. Depends on how much you get to play. If you can play everyday for a few hours it surely takes way less time. But if you can't play that much, for example some people can only play on maybe 2-3 days a week for maybe 1-2 hours, and since I have a similar amount of time at my hand right now I can assure you, that it does indeed take a long ass time. Eventhough I played a lot right after the release, I could probably not yet afford to finish up a semi-complete deck. The only way for me to do this would be to not build a PvE deck at all, but then, who should I get the gold/BfP? Grinding PvE with an unupgraded free deck is super tedious and not fun imo. The alternative would be to play PvP with an unviable deck and getting my ass beaten because I start the game with a disadvantage against people with more time to grind - also not fun. So the choice would be: 1. Get (not only but more than it should be) default losses in your first several PvP matches because of a weaker deck until you can compete. 2. Grind PvE with a (viable but) weak deck until you get a PvP deck. 3. Grind for a very long time to get PvE and PvP decks. Imo the system we are having right now is fine in terms of deckbuilding, since there are still a lot of tweaks you can apply to the decks to make them fit your playstyle. Obviously, beginners will take some time to figure out which cards fit their playstyle most, but slight deviations from the free decks can be benefitial and thus still incentivise creativity and deck building. The thing is I just dont want to feel like playing a game of chess, but in order to unlock your second knight, you have to play 100 games against opponents with two knights first. Not giving access to competitively viable decks thus will discourage newcomers to play PvP. The only compromise I can see here would be to give people the cards they need without giving them the decklist, but then again, they can just look in the forums.
  17. That's just wrong. I want to play with competitve decks right away and not get kicked in the butt for the first few months by people who grinded more. And I still think that the majority of people think that way considering how little the collection mode is played.
  18. There are still also ultra rare cards like Mounti, FireDancer and Harvester, which are excluded by your idea. Also, the deck lists for the free PvP decks are still around, so it will only take you a few clicks to find decklists for competitive decks, which completely invalidates the point about incentivising creative deckbuilding, when people can just go for the current decks again.
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