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  1. Pythe

    Some ideas

    I would actually prefer if there where less quests every day and each of them had better rewards. Currently if you don't log in every day and spend at least half an hour ingame you loose out on a lot. Also the 75 bfp you get for them feels insignificant to the daily booster reward.
  2. Pythe

    Executor Rework

    Nightguard starts with her ability on cooldown and has poor attack. She counters expensive units in general, usally in tier 2 but is poor against a sunderer getting spawned right net to your well.
  3. Pythe

    Executor Rework

    Maybe make it an L counter that passivly deals 50% more damage to units below 50% health? Gives shadow some options against Fire tier 1 rushing with a dazed sunderer.

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