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  1. H4rr0w

    RPVE help

    okay thx anyways gonna try to get mine rn and do some work on my deck base on ur information. maybe some1 who plays more often fire for rpve will write soon.
  2. H4rr0w

    RPVE help

    Hi guys im kinda new to the game and this cards are all i've got. So i just wanted to ask u what should i do to be able to beat higher rpve matches at solo. Shall i exchange some cards? or should i focus on a completly other type of deck? maybe including Lost Spirit Ship. Well and i've got one other question. I'm playing with 2 other friends and each time we wanna play together we have a missing spot in our team cuz we are just 3 ppl. So i tought that if 1 player plays the right cards he would be able to play as "2 Players".
  3. H4rr0w

    Some ideas

    I tought about how it would be with more but less good payed quests. Because when i play i'm missing a kind of a "to-do-list". So i mean when im done with my daily quests i get kinda bored and aimless. Thats why i tought about some more quests so that u can do 1 quest after the other and so on. This would create a kind of guidline trough the day. And a other Idea i've got u could make some events at the weekend where you increase droprate out of the boosters for a bit or something like that. Inreasing EXP gain on some scenarios or for all such small stuff as timed event. This would increase the processing feeling a bit in my oppinion.

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