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  1. Heya, thanks for another video on that, enjoyed it very much again! This time I'm very much closer to Kserke then to Dutchy, for almost every card I can go with Kserskes comments on it. Sometimes I would go one tier higher or lower, but we have seen this is a common thing in all of our tierlists we had, be it on cards or on decks. Only things where I disagree on Kserske more then one tier: - Plauge is S tier, and this is not much a question of taste, one of the strongest spells in the game - same goes for Booster in the buildings - Shadow Worm is not thaaat bad, he is no reason to play 4 shadow and that is super sad, but if you want to build around him it works ok-good - Unholy Power is a D for me. Clunky to play, runs often out usually quicker as people would guess, only rarely usefull as it stacks with Unholy Hero Keep on the good work!
  2. May I ask for a breeding kitty? (a.k.a. Forest Elder) PS: Kitten > Elder
  3. Not all heroes wear a cape! Awesome replay collection - gg!
  4. Tab, Tab, space is at least a solution that is better as nothing. Thanks, good to know. Still Enter would be awesome
  5. Just an idea that Ultralord and me had - when you are just working on the GUI here, is it possible to make that the "create auction" can be triggered with enter?
  6. This map is easier then the original, you should give it a try. Be patient and you can play it with very basic decks
  7. I want to bring this to topic. Since the deck just plays terribly tough, I had admittedly put it off a bit. The current 10-player Twilight (2player) seemed very suitable for a showcase, because I could easily build up in peace and due to the lack of spawners of the T4 row afterwards enjoy a nice crisp post-T4 largely undisturbed. The replay starts at 9min, because I chatted in between. Already the first camp is just a pain, how slow can such a mini camp die, for which one has made such an effort. With any normal deck and this energy pool would melt the camp better. Then in the first camp the first wipe, this is simply badly played and completely independent of the nerf. But it shows wonderfully how vulnerable this deck has always been to the slightest misclick. I played the Disenchat a few seconds too early, because I wanted to make sure Gates of Hell (GoH in the further) would hit properly, buffed it and was about 5-10 energy short for GoH - it didn't go through. Since I had to play the CC I stand without energy and kills there -> painful death. This is also totally on my head, but shows wonderfully why this deck was not unbalanced before in my humble opinion. Orb switch, Bata, Orb switch (shows again why this deck was not out of balance) aaand again, as I could Earthshake the Zapper and the spawner in the last second of my first Bata this is an easy camp now, or? 12:15min - the Frenetic nerf (like it) hits, I have bad luck and don't get the left Eye, second Frenetic seems to miss too, need to Oink on top. GoH hits, finally some burning Bata and at 12:50min finally some sweet gameplay where my def-buffed Bata almost two-hits himself, quick heal and first camp done. Imagine a Zapper and spawner have still been up. Urzach comes with the next camp, very nice if you have 2 Frenetic and both still on cooldown, quick Oink to buy some time. First Frenetic hits, Bata burns, but sadly the spawner dies so slowly from the burn that I need to Earthshake it when the first respawns occur. At 13:45min I have a shit ton of luck that I need no cc for the Eye because dmg is lacking. How many Regrowths until now? Lost track of the count. Watch how the buildings at ~ 14 min die. Yeah, not at all from the burn, Bata needs to smash one by one. Was almost about to quit here so much fun is this. 15min, Bata runs fully buffed into a Negator while tons of enemy CC don't want to see me fighting. Bata life, but shows how things are if you are not totaly on point. Wait didn't I just killed the left spawner (intentionally because of the Eye there and the Frenetic nerf), why does my Bata doesn't burn? I see nothing I did wrong here. I was buffed, Infect was ready and a Burning Bata would have given me crawlers and should have burned the second spawner. Again I see things you have always seen, why I said: It was never totally out of balance. And hell now I'm in deep troubles here, tho I played this quite decent here I'd say. Frenetic on the right side hits, but buys me not enough time for another good move and a lot of area is blocked by the dragon, desperate dmg spell does not help. All 3 CC are on perma cooldown and you see wonderful how hard the Frenetic nerf alone impacts this deck in certain tougher situations. 15:30, still the same camp, new infect (old did almost(?) trigger nothing), new dmg spells and new CC once they are of cooldown. You can see I was not on Q-Attack-and-watch-how-bad-he-is, I fighted like a lion! Camp finally down at 16:16 min, and see how many spells this took me and how painfully slow things died. Btw we are getting close to first charge issues here. I'm now 3 camps deep into the map. 17:05min again wating for my CCs to cool down, again the Frenetic nerf hits this deck. Btw I'm not hitting the Negator at 17:20 min accidently, I know if I don't kill this I'm in deep trouble again. Frenetic hits all Eyes this time and the tough situation is cleared, imagine it failed again. Thunderstorm and Bata's autohits do WAY MORE dmg on this last wave as the burning, sad world. 18:40 min. Now comes the Infester camp and I'm already out of Live Weaving Charges and at almost no heals. Even with full arsenal I've seen soo many Bata dying to this guy. Wanted to warp earlier but did not find a spot, then had to panic heal cause I was out of def-buffs. The burning Bata takes only 1/3 of the Willzapper and as I have to manually kill the spawner I focus this in the hope of some burning caused Infect crawlers to spawn behind me to block of the boss a bit, I really get 3 procs of Infect before it runs out... but not enough to solve this situation, this is where I decide to rage quit, this is too painfull and is really no joy. Of course you could have even played better a few situations, but I fighted like a lion and most parts where not even close to bad gameplay. But even if a few of our top player may be able to come out a little better, is this what you wanted to achieve? You can see in every camp that the burn does so little dmg that it would almost be no difference if you cut it at all. The more and more people I speak with the clearer it gets: Almost every decent player sais "It is sooo painful to play I cut it at all". Seen a few Batas in random matches the last weeks, mostly they where depended on the player walking with them as we have seen in Cocos replays. I don't even say that it is the worlds ending that this deck is of the list, but I have to stand up against: "It is more enjoyable as prepatch" Literally nobody shares that feeling and I hear and see a lot support for my point of view. Haven't played much random 10s in the last months, how's the win-rate there evolving? (excluding motms) I mean it was always a mode where the best teams could loose a match, what is fine. But as the early in some 10s always took a lot of time (thats why it is fun) I wonder how things are going there? I seen many games that were won in the last 1-2mins because of people rushing the post-T4 in only a few mins with Batas. But as there are Banzais, Bloodhorn and other spell decks this may be a minor problem. Just asking questions 2022-10-28_16-04-22_RPvETwoPlayers_diff10_s47334_Volin_time_0_19_26.0_v259.pmv
  8. As true as this is on the one end I'm not sure if I would go with this for this topic. If we speak about 4p maps I think a bit optimisation is just... polite. I can't say too much about the topic, as I don't understand french. Don't know if this is about playing known maps (motm) or random, neither I know if it is 1p or 4p. What I can say: Pure Nature can even be challenging in very hard 9s and is very hard to play in some 10 scenarios. If you take this challenge you should be really on an expert level. Furthermore I see 5 very non-optimal slots (Shaman, T2 Tower, 2 units too much in T3 and finally worst: Wheels). Any of this slots is a handicap on many 10 maps. As Hrdina said the T1 needs to be extended, I would take 2-3 if that slots for this. Dryad (B) can be very helpful in 10s, mentioned Hurricane can be a pick and usually it's very helpful to play either Motk or Stranglehold. But as long as you don't have a very solid knowledge about the game mode nature is not a start that can be recomended anyways. Usually it makes sense to go with Fire as it is the teamplay option until you are very familiar with 10 starts. Sadly 10s are a bit unbalanced in T2 and for Random maps all pure colors can struggle (if not played on very expert level) - this T2 is probably the optimal for nature. In T3 it is very hard to say what nature can deal most optimal with early boss scenarios. Best option for T3 could be just Enlightenment instead of any units. Wheels are for sure hurting a lot here due to the harsh time limit (4players). The T4 unit composition is imo good, but you need to keep in mind that you may still struggle here if you want/need to clear a path on your own. Nature has low-med dmg and comes to its limits very fast when you fight bigger camps. Green Peace can be a nice option to block half of a camp here. Last thing that you can say in general: Communication before start is key to a good win rate. In 10s a (most early) Shrine of War can be very important (again the harsh time limit) and makes all other shrines obsolete. Usually only play SoM's when really no SoW can be played. As only 2-3 Shadow orb decks, and perhaps good played Frost splashes can out-CC camps good enough to skip Inc Mo, the SoMe here should probably be replaced with Inc Mo in most groups. Nature would be just shut down when facing LS without it. As last words I would recommend a more mixed color deck for 10 until you are really deep into that mode. At least Shadow and Nature have no T4 pure cards that would justify going pure here. For the start I already pointed out that Fire would be the meta solution. Only play non fire here if you can really make sure that you do not need to rely on your fire playing mates. In many matches it is just the fire players bailing out non-fire starters to therefore delay their own progress, seen that really a hundred times. The very last thing: Know your gamemode. Knowledge about map layout, spawns and what really happens is the most important thing here - and is even way more important then the cards you play. If you gather knowledge and experience on that you will see more and more what card do you need in certain deck and which not.
  9. Solution: Play no Wheels, have no bug 😛 You're welcome 🤓
  10. As any Nature T1 usually has/needs Surge of Light, Shamans were never that useful. Sadly that card is too popular. Shamans 'hurt' the most decks even way more then Wheels do usualy. The T1-2 in the basic deck is quite slow but in general super(!) strong, if you add Ensnaring Roots. Experienced players would rather even cut Fountain in T1 and Burrower in T2. Only good further add on for the lower tiers would be a Dryad (B). If you struggle with that in rpve 9s after your cards are Upgrade 3, rather look for some input on playstyle and rpve-knowledge then card upgrades.
  11. Yes, for sure a better-Motivate. In the worst case it comes up to the same but you have the healing buff and in the best case you keep even the unit. Feel a bit bad I did not test it in deep before. But played no Amii-Decks lately EDIT-PS: Use it in non-bandit Emberstike decks... that is genius!
  12. @DemonRJ Transcendence could do a really nice job here, played it just for the first time I must give in and it is really nice to buff up a mix of units like here. A shame I did not really recognize the card earlier. Will try it tomorrow in your deck, may be a nice add-on.
  13. Experience is from a certain point a pure asthetic thing too, it has no impact on anything. As already some people reached the max rank it seems to be quite in a sweet spot now as it is. What would be the point of going faster through the ranks?
  14. It is there, could be perhaps highlighted a bit more, but the topic and the importance are covered.
  15. Heya, wanted to share a deck again that is currently a great fun for me and as it is also quite beginner friendly I think it's cool to post it here. The only really expensive card in my current setup ist Cluster Explosion (red) which can be replaced with just another dmg spell or a T2 unit for low budget. Just made this a few days, looks so far as 3 heals (plus Unity) could be a little over the top, so feel free to cut Equilibrium. The latest buffs of Inferno and Fire Sphere make this really fun to play and the alltime classic Thunderstorm and Cluster compliment this well. Mandatory are in my eyes: - Oink for at least a little CC (time buyer and help to get T4) - Unity BLUE! (Fire Dragons get quite tanky with a Grimvine in a Unity) - Regrowth and Bloodthirst - above mentioned 4 dmg spells, feel free to add more - Grimevine (nice, cheap all time classic, a great tank for just a few bucks) - Shrine of War (build 2, you need constant void return to use ur spells all time) - Inc Mo (needed if you want to utilize your Dragons against Lost Souls, use the Yellow one, else the green is always handy) Handy but optional: - Breeding (your partner may appreciate that) - Revenge is more a filler but always nice to have and a good supporter - 3rd heal T1 or classic Fire or Nature start T2 Feel free to add a T2 unit of your flavor, usually both T1 colours deal perfectly fine with any T3 enemies with the help of Oink T3 Usually here you want to build your Shrine ASAP. If needed get some Hurlers out, together with your spells and Unity they are really a force. T4 Get a Grimvine out and go ahead, it is mostly just the ground presence for your spells. Once you have plenty energy feel free to add some Dragons as they are superb boss killers. Play Bloodthirst in advance before you engage camps, if there are Windhunters or other paralyzing units Oink them for a few. Don't hold back with your spells, if you activate your Shrine you can play them endless and let Fire and Thunder rain on your enemies!
  16. Like it - could replace one of my former Amii decks which is not playble anymore due to the Watcher changes
  17. I just imagine 3 Dancers up there in the camp and 2 comming with the wave 🤭 EDIT-PS: My theraphists bill is on its way
  18. Get only easy going maps and the one harder map that I got I played with a total rookie, no wonder I ran out of heals in the last row, in addition the replay broke. You know murphys law, when I picked a bandit deck a few days ago I got a super hard LS 🙂 If I don't get a nice example the next days I have a motm in mind to show what I (and Fundus, and Dutchy, and Blash, and Donaar, and Myno and Ponni, and a few others - you may recognize some names) mean. At your replay, as I said you where the strongest player, no doubt. Your mates would have not won without you. You had in all stronger camps a huge meatshield running with you and watch how fast your Bata still dropped sometimes. Not only you supported (strongly) your group they did the same (partly unintended) for you. You would probably not been able to clear almost the complete last row without them, at least that is what I see there. Please don't get me wrong, that was hell of a good match from you and by far the best out of the three!
  19. As the title says. Replay said before I entered the last row (12:12min) that it is desync and wanted me to bug-report it. After the message the replay shows indeed different things if you watch it several times reproducibility: yes, watched it 3x and everytime it gave this error code autosave.pmv
  20. Just as a quick response: "Outperform" is a wide term here. There are several powerlevels of decks, mainly speed and security, we should not mix that wildly but differ here. Let's take the stonekin example here: Is Batariel usually way faster as Stonekin, yes for sure. So Bata "outperforms" that in this case. Same for the mentioned Giant Wyrms for example. Safety is just another measure, the one that I mainly aimed here when starting this off. Here for example some unit based decks are clearly outperforming Batariel. We should calm down this discussion and differ here as the situation is complicated, think this is important for proper balancing decisions. But please don't get me wrong, Fundus, we share the same fears and position in general ofc.
  21. Just wrote a detailed reply half as long as the bible to accidentally delete it 😞 In short then: It's not really part of the point, but please reflect on your early and mid game, it's nonsensical in parts and often borders on gross rudeness. The Twilight deck is the bad highlight here, where your mate does all the midtier part for the "early" Bata, that then stands around for almost 4mins, to walk then over to your mates in the easy camp. The Bata before the SoW is not only dangerous for you when the T4 gets harder, but also a bit rude to the other players (you play a single-unit deck and use the least energy anyway) and the T4 wells slow you down immensely. But that's just a side note. First of all, none of the maps are on the high end of the difficulty scale, but you'll be aware of that. Especially the fire-with-death and the twilight map are very easy. The only halfway clean performance of the deck is on the other fire replay, where unfortunately your mates catch up just as it gets exciting. On the fire-with-death map, you don't carry anything, the map is teamplay from front to back. Ypu were the BY FAR most experienced player on this map, all your mates where quite rookie or on new/experimental decks. All camps in the last two rows are pure teamwork there. In the Twilight replay the Single Grimvine with Firebomb outperforms the Batariel. *sad Volin noises* But may be player depended here. The situation Fundus and I are talking about: Tough map and being on your own for some camps doesn't even apply over these 3 replays (I haven't looked at the Stonekin replays, any better player can manage most Stonekin maps with a few randomly thrown together). Then I want to share some of my insights and learnings but first a word on my definition on my used term "the deck is dead". When saying that I mean not it is not suitable for anything at all. But if a deck works nowhere, sorry, it is not a deck at all. Then it is either a sketch of a deck or some randomly thrown together cards. After our discussion here heated up I asked for some feedback in my static group to reflect myself. Foremost Hiroo and Radical defended the deck at once and pointed out that there's still room for some nice times on some maps. We even started a session on the 4player 9 what is a most easy stonekin map, to be fair I can say Batariels can be still VERY fast on such maps. Not the fastest around as back before the nerf, but a sub 10 min is something that only very few decks can achieve. This is given due to the fact that this decks binds not much energy and can start of very early and at the same time this deck as no scaling with energy which lets it start at full power level what is nice for such fast runs. Here the nerf hit perfectly its goal to lower the powerlevel just a tiny bit below the best possible decks. On the other hand I see my experience on those 2 mentioned Twilight maps and here is where we see the problems. Even though the dmg is high enough to clear easier camps quite fast, even a tough Twilight 9 brought me into deep troubles. When you have 3 Willzapper, spread out in a way that you have (with the spawner) 4 priority targets that you can only kill one by one, the time-window that disenchant gives you is not enough for a safe kill. If negators come into this situation - as I have faced it - there is not room for just a tiny little missplay, and even executed perfectly I think you may have troubles with this situation. Now imagine even an Infester or Urzach in addition. Not an everyday scenario but totally realistic and a thing that happens from time to time. Given the goal was to nerf Bata in a way that it should remain in the upper tiers, it felt terrible that an ofc way slower (but more steady) Stonekin Deck had to carry me on this map a little. Still my spells gave some value to the team ofc but alone I would have been quite desperate there. You may argue that this is a multiplayer modus and teamplay is mandatory ofc - but from my understanding teamplay is sometimes, if given to the situation, that you split up where it is needed and you are able to do a camp or two on your own. Even worse was my experience on the mentioned Twilight 10, easier scale of camps - not even one of those 5 Evil Eye situations, with a harder boss (Infester). Here I was not able to take out the camp in 4 tries, maybe given to my skill-level, but most scary to me. The time window that is here not only influenced by Disenchant but also to your CC was not long enough to proc enough crawlers to be able to take out the two willzappers and the spawner before the boss just crushed me. This situations make me fear of exactly what Fundus describes, the combination of a few threads can these days lead to a quick wipe. This is why I hardly doubt that the deck is still viable for random maps where you don't know what you encounter, this is even more the fact for 10s. Even Cocos replay show a few situations where I would be curious how they would have ended if there would not have been support spells and tons of meat-shields around him, though the maps where not that tough at all. Finally I don't want to exclude that I may be just wrong with my fears because I'm used to such a high power-level of this deck, that it is very hard for me to get used to the current state. I think I'm quite good in analyzing rpve situations, but perhaps I'm just to biased. I will play my dailies with this deck the next week (did more fun stuff to me the last days and tested other new balancing (great stuff again with the last patch)). EDIT-PS: Btw the boss-dmg seems to be way lower then before, not as you Coco, say it would be so insane. When fighting the Bandit-Battleship on the Stonekin 9 motm it just felt painly slow. And this is not even a case where you can use a Skyelf properly. Just as a side note.
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