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  1. Because there hasn't been any feedback yet, I just want to renew the offer again: Anyone need help with starting at BG10 - send me a msg (Forums/Discord/ingame) Alot good info is hiding in this thread to get started.
  2. This would be the almost perfect solution indeed. Did you speak with the devs about this? Even better would be to get data from the game itself about actual trades in AH - because this does not reflect either supply or demand side, but the price itself. Btw - what does the graph show? Lowest buyout I'd guess?
  3. I very much like the idea behind this. More tranparency usually leeds to better prices. But I am a bit concerned about the "enter price" button. How does it work and how can you prevent prices from beeing manipulated there? (In either way) How does it work if different people rate the same card on the same day differently. What does happen, if one persons "spams" a price on your tracker? Sorry for so many questions about manipulation, but sadly I see too many greedy people out there.
  4. Can make the same offer as Buddelmuddel, hope it is ok for you that I conquer your Thread. If you need help starting Bg10 you can msg me here, ingame (weekdays european afternoon-evening, weekend prolly all day long) or via discord (Volin#8101, you'll find me on the SR DC) You should bring: A deck lvl 80+ and an open mind to work on this, for the first steps meta approaches like mentioned above are a good starting point A relaxed attitude and will to comunicate either on english (or german) At least 1-2 hours time A solid Bg9 experience Looking forward
  5. Five years sounds realistic, perhaps even a bit more I would think. But that sounds like a good aim for me. This would be the time horizon with which one could and should plan for the probably largest achievement around, in my opionion. And if the devs would take up Mephisto's idea, this would indeed be the greatest achievement to be achieved I personally would love the idea. Btw, I had some thoughts on the general system for the speedrun titles. But I always come back to the system as it used to be, i.e. there are points for the highest places at the end of the month and the ranks ar
  6. I suggest to either report ingame (right click on the name) or leave the trade chat for a while.("/leave trade" "/join trade" does work with most chats btw). Though I want to agree this is obiously spam, I think pointing at others withyour finger isn't quite gentlemen style.
  7. Some of this old vid helped me to get into BF again. Perhaps this gives you ideas about a budget solution:
  8. Uh, did not really get all that you said Treim. But later more on that what I understood. The first thing I have to realize for myself is that not only do I have no experience with the speedrun titles, but I also have a very limited and personal perspective on the game. I play mainly battlegrounds and only had those 3 ladders in mind - I had completely forgotten that there is that campain thingy Also, only today, through Mephisto's last post, I understood that the numbers of Treim are normal XP. I had thought, because they are speedrun titles, that this is a completely separate poi
  9. Not sure if you are speaking of Zyna, or me But I guess you are right in both cases. Zyna has it and I wouldn't say no to that titles. Thats was my reason to ask for it. Only taking part with the mobile, some deeper thoughts later. First step should be what MephistoRoss already did, collecting general ideas about a system we can agree on - not too detailed for now. I will sum up those ideas in the opening thread later, too On the issue that the golden ranks "overwrite" those normal pve ranks: I think that shouldn't be a big problem. First of all those gol
  10. Ah thanks Treim, do you remember numbers for the ranks too? Guess the first pretty "easy" while the last totally insane? Was is like an alltime achievement, or was it kinda connected to the activity?
  11. Can someone sum up the old system for this ranks in short? Inspiration ...
  12. What a quick response - you were waiting for this question, hmm?
  13. Hey folks, hey devs, not really sure where to put this, as it is a mix of a suggestion and a question: Are there any plans to make this ranks aviable again? If not, wouldn't it be an idea to do so - not sure with how much work this comes In the old days I was so casual that I never even recognized those ranks, I don't even know how they are to obtain. But it would certainly increase the competition a bit. Especially the 1 Player Map is often only played by a handfull of people - and I know there are at least a few dozen people that are able to beat BG10.
  14. 14 suggestions in one Thread are no good idea, so it will never come to the point. The major points were pretty nailed. I like some of the minor QOL proposals if doable (showing someone is in the ranked pvp searching, more information what my friends are doing)
  15. Rpve 10 has the same, or prolly more, waiting time. Even on weekends during EU prime time. But it is our decision to play those modes, I am not sure if that should be taken into account Your thoughts are good. But I see problems comming, if playing a certain mode is mainly driven by the rewards
  16. Sup Another word on defect replays here, try the following: Copy the replay out of the Replay-Folder and copy it back (I renamed it too) -> replay works for me Maybe this will help others of you too kk - so now I am looking for a mate for this project. Preferably a middle european, middle aged, relaxed mate that plays in the evening and weekends. Send me a tell via Forums/Discord/Game if YOU are interested cheers PS: Preferably european because of the reason to share the timezone
  17. I wont submit any replay so far...the challenge is young It was just the first (succsessfull) attempt in a random team
  18. What an amazing map! Thanks to the creators, I will have alots fun here I guess. 44:xx any good? guess not hmmm PS: Can't watch the replay, it does not show up. I can see the file in windows, but not in BF. Can anyone help?
  19. You convinced me with the egg. I needed to exclude it for my purposes, but I inserted it in the list here. If you have a picture or so of the second santa I`d be glad to list him.
  20. Hi Kubik, I have never seen a second santa before, can you tell me more about it? The list contains only aviable cards, thats why easter is out of the count.
  21. Hi all, I made a list of all cards for different personal purposes. I looked long to find a complete card list as excel sheet and improved the best one I could find. As this took quite some time, I want to share it for all data freaks who wanted to such a list (as me) The sheet is view only, but you should be able to make a copy. If you people find any mistakes, please let me know! For all that do not trust spooky links some hard facts: We have 538 cards aviable atm (perhaps +1 these days, as easter is upcoming) (Promos included) - 173 common - 149 uncommon
  22. Volin

    Must pick cards

    Imho none card is ever mandatory. As Treim stated, some cards are obvious better then others, and ofc some cards are played way more often then others. Reffering to your list: If you play Nature T1, yes, this cards are very good. If you play late nature orbs this cards could be a waste slot. Same as for green, good if you go fire t1, else perhaps a waste slot. And even if you go fire t1, no card is mandatory (though Mine is ofc what you normally want) Two very good cards, but situational: If you play SoW for example, you could decide to leave FoF at home, or or or
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