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  1. Hello guys just a little question: What are your recommendations on decks for grinding campaign maps on expert difficulty. Maybe you got some nice tips Greetings zyzz
  2. FYI: This is a, I'd say confirmed display bug. I checked the effect of Shrine of War with the buff duration - the buff lasts 30 seconds, so I assume that the effect is U3 but the displayed text of the buff is U0. Thank you for posting it here. In future I'll report the bugs here, if I'll find something!!
  3. Sorry typo.. I meant RPVE 5 for a fresh start with a new deck, and then slowly pushing forward to rpve 9
  4. Yea I want to start fresh with RPVE 5 and getting used to the rotation of the deck - I've never played it before. And at this point I need Shrine Of War, so I wait until I can buy it =D
  5. I'm trying to build this deck, only shrine of war is missing, whats your opinion?
  6. Ok, thank you! Do you prefer a start with T1 Fire and T2 Shadow (with Shadow Phoenix and Embalmer's Shrine) or T2 Nature?
  7. Hello folks, I need some recommendations regarding an Enlightenment Batariel deck where T2 is shadow. I've seen many players which are playing T1 with Nomand & Mine, then pushing forward to T2 with shadow sphere, from there they push T3 with shadow phoenix - which is (in my opinion) a really nice combi to wipe out the enemies to T3 really fast. I attached my current Enlightenment Batariel deck starting with T1 fire and T2 nature. Greetings and have a nice day / week! :-)
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