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  1. Dion liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    It was considered, do you really think we just blatantly ignore suggestions of this scale?
    Can you count how many players disagree with it? I can just say that Russians at vk.com/skylordsreborn and some Polish guys at mmorpg.org.pl are definetly waiting for wipe, and them alone are around 2000 players.
    You knew there was going to be a wipe when wilfully signing up for an account here.
    To make things clear, I'm refering to the "no wipe please" and not the change suggestion you're refering to.
  2. Dion liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    There is nothing to win or lose with these arguments.
    Wipe was mentioned years ago, and we keep stating it ever since. I don't know what must happen to change that fact.
    Just because some of you strongly disagree with the decision, it doesn't mean the decision is bad by default.
    Nowhere else are you going to see an inventory transfer from Closed Alpha / Beta / Stress Test to Open Beta / Release. Nowhere!
    Needless to say, the conversations here got pretty out of hand, no need for calling names and insulting, so keep it polite please.
  3. Dion liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    You want to kill the game anyway by removing the most important parts for many players, doesn't you?
  4. Dion liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    over a month I think 1-2 months back, but the average and median prices did not change much in last year
  5. Dion liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Is a hard reset really needed?   
    This assumption is wrong, just after the wipe most prices will be a lot lower than they are now, even promos or popular ultra rares. It was like that just after that start of the open stress test and it will be after the wipe. The thing is that nobody will have much bfp/cards in the first couple of weeks, so if you have a popular ultra rare but you rather sell it to buy other cards that are more usefull for your first deck, you will have to sell it for something that any other player can afford else you wont sell it at all. After more bfp/cards gets in the game over time, prices of popular cards will slowly go up until they become more stable and like they are now (depending on if there are enough active players/traders). 
    Over which period of time was this data taken? If it was since the start of open stress test, could you take the average and median price over the last 6 months please?
  6. Emmaerzeh liked a post in a topic by Dion in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #1: New Map "Into the Jungle1" - 15000 BFP price pool!   
    Don't worry i perfectly understand  XDDDDDDD take your time
  7. Dion liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #1: New Map "Into the Jungle1" - 15000 BFP price pool!   
    I need to do one hotfix sry. i need to ban one more card ( nightguard) its too broken cause u could take the units with antiranged aura and farm swampdrakes. I knew you could take the units but I somehow didn't notice they will still have the anti ranged aura (facepalm) . And when im allready patching i will fix the stuck respawn. sry for the inconviniance. but since the competition is so early and nobody posted a time jet i feel free do do that change.
    The translation for "Nightguard is banned" in french and russian i ll add after the competition.
    I also added another 6000 bfp pricemoney so that should be a compensation.
    The name of the Map now is "Into the jungle1" . Pls delete the old one in your map folder.
    I upload the new map ingame and exchange it in the first post. 
    I wrote everybody who replied in this thread and I know participates a pm and wrote a information on discord battleforge talk. If you know somebody who plays the map tell her or him. 
    Thy for understanding
    Thx Dion for finding this "exploit"
  8. Emmaerzeh liked a post in a topic by Dion in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #1: New Map "Into the Jungle1" - 15000 BFP price pool!   
    cards that makes it to easy i usually tell emma to take it out... example i show a case of the dragonhunt and how easily it is to use blaster cannon and mark of the kepper to get to t3 like nothing, then use t4, then use green afinity dragon that shut down building, and all the range dragon gg....
    before this on all his simpleland i made video of it and how easy it is to use amii monument. a dicussion was made to take all cheating card out of there. so i re-enter and did one map and use amii and got a automatic lost... this was good because me and lucky20 then went to each of his map and finished it the card way [all shown on my youtube channel] and each one was dam fun. Emma's best map to me is still simpleland7 the mechanic was extremely well done for us. we enjoyed it... simpleland 8 was to hard without amii and you need your partner to help you on void .. simpleland 8 was one of the most sadistic map in the game.... but my favorite is simpleland7

    as for this one im glad that he went with the banning of cheating cards... shrine of war is not a cheating card so im glad he kept it... still waiting to see the replay of those who finish it. i wish them goodluck. and if there are a any new player who need card in order to enter this event [jump to my event as well] still 17k to go
  9. Dion liked a post in a topic by Emmaerzeh in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #1: New Map "Into the Jungle1" - 15000 BFP price pool!   
    Added a second and third place price for solospeedrun and stylerun. 
  10. Dion liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Skylords Reborn Community Challenge #1: New Map "Into the Jungle1" - 15000 BFP price pool!   
    Maybe allow players to submit a replay for both competitions but you can only win one prize (the highest)?
    And maybe also add a competition for the fastest solo run?
  11. Dion liked a post in a topic by Halis in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    Lebovin says, that it was not you goal:
    And now Wanky writes:
    And Lebovin will wirte again:
  12. Dion liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in NEW PLAYER EVENT CARD GIVEAWAY   
    Try this: it’s unlimited time link https://discord.gg/bchW29H
  13. Dion liked a post in a topic by Deldrimor in All-time fastest speedrun rankings   
    No, speedrun is speedrun. Speedrun can be 10 hours, speedrun can be 30 min and speedrun can be 5 min.
  14. Dion liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Introducing .. The entire team !   
    I guess this is a bit overdue now but better late than never  . I'm Will or otherwise known on-the-line as Ultrakool. I'm from Vietnam, currently living in Germany. It was a silly name I chose a long long time ago for BF and it kinda just stuck. Now basically I use that name in every single online game I play(It comes with putting up with those jokes about my name :D). I enjoy mostly PvP in BattleForge, but back in the days didn't take it so seriously, being younger and all. PvE is fun too but not my main interest. I remember back in the days, getting into BattleForge because of a friend, then he left after several months but I stuck with it on and off until the unfortunate demise in 2013. Like many others here, it was a game I always come back too, even after taking a lot and rather long breaks. In addition to playing the game, I was also involved with the battleforge forums, in the trade section mostly, but in other sections too. Furthermore I was also asked to be a moderator in a fan-made forum by a Dutch person who was known as Lithaladin. I was so involved with the game and the community in fact that, after the game was shut down, were invited to join a Skype Group by MrXLink I think. I wasn't ALL too active in it, but I remember sometimes popping in to reminisce the good ol' days. I moved on to other games but none could compare to BF. Furthermore, I really came to appreciate the community that is BattleForge, mostly compromising of happy and helpful individuals. Compared to other games, playing and conversing in the battleforge community was a breath of fresh air.

    Never did I know that I would ever even breath that fresh air again. Alas, the wonderful surprise came when MrXLink linked the new forums in the Skype chat of veterans from BF. Joined the forums few days after it was made and the rest was history. At first it was just @Ladadoos and me spamming for our lives, but people quickly joined. 100,200,1000,5 000,10 000, and now a whooping 57 665. Fast forward to March 2018, when I was (sorta) asked to become Moderator, I was elated, this was my chance to contribute to the wonderful unique BF community I know and love, that never could compare to any other. Being here over the years ( Project started in June 2015) there has been many ups and downs, many lulls, I've witnessed many iterations of the game development, 2 servers, going from only having access to the forge in techinical alpha, to being able to load up maps and entering games, and now with thousands of skylords being able to connect at once. We have improved steadily, and while progress might seem slow sometimes: (The usual reasons of this being a volunteer project and all), like me and thousands of you out there, we always come back to BF, and progress will be achieved once again. The project may slow, but it will never stop. Some time soon I hope to be able to meet you guys in the forge after the reset we have planned! Don't lose hope! Also dont shy away from dropping me PMs if you need anything at all, I'm always happy to help.

  15. Dion liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Skylords Reborn Balance Changes Discord Server   
    Hey guys,
    We have tried and it seems to work really well. In forums here you only see the finished polished balance proposals, but most of the disccusion happens on the discord.. Here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/BYumbXE 
  16. Dion liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Skylords Reborn Trivia!   
    Greetings Skylords

    In light of trying to keep the hype and spirits up, I'm going to host some trivia events ingame! There's no set schedule to this for now, but I'll try to announce ahead of time whenever I have one planned in discord and in this thread. It could however just turn out to be a spontaneous thing whenever I got time. But I need your help too... You can't have a trivia without.... Questions! So I implore you guys to rack your brains, put on your thinking armor and come up with some interesting trivia questions so that we can all have some fun! I think it goes without saying that you should refrain from answering if your own questions come up   I have naturally come up with some questions but they are not gonna last long! It will be hard to keep this going by myself ^^

    If you guys think of any trivia questions, PLEASE send me a PM on discord/forums. Whatever you do... DONT post them in this thread xD or everyone will know the question (and answer). Keep in mind it should not be overly technical or so obscure that no one could feasibly know the answer. The categories I’ve tried to think of so far are (game knowledge, Lore and unit quotes/map dialog). When in doubt, just send it to me anyway and I'll take a look!
    To further lighten the festive mood, I may host some Discord Voice Parties during said trivia games! Feel free to join and have some witty Battleforge related convos! Trivia will be announced ingame at least 15 minutes before the trivia starts.
    Now on to some basic rules so there are no confusions.
    1) Everyone has only one chance and therefore answer each: Think carefully!
    2) Send me the answer through private messaging ingame. Don't post the answer in the public channels. Remember that the less people answer the more chance you have to win that sweet 200 bfp.
    3) Typos don't count as correct! If a question has a two part answer, write both parts in 1 line(e.g: Who says ... on which map?Answer: Moon on Soultree)
    4) People who haven't won yet will be given priority in prize giving.
    5) 3 Answers chosen (100 bfp each) [if multiple people know the answer at the same time]or if no one knows the answer early, 1 answer for bigger prize( 200 BFP)-will be announced when switched, only then everyone will get a second chance.
    6) Only full answers are accepted. If the answer is "Windweaver" weaver will not be accepted, similarly for "Cluster Explosion" Cluster will not be accepted.
    7) Maximum time per Question is 1 minute. If the time is up, the question will be backlogged for the future and the answer not given. You may use any information available to arrive at your answer.
    8) Have Fun!
    If you’ve made it here reading, congratulations! Any questions or comments about the event itself can be posted here. (NO TRIVIA QUESTIONS HERE PLEASE :3)
    Upcoming Events:
    Friday 27.9 16:00 CEST Countdown Timer
    Tuesday 1.10 16:30 CEST Countdown Timer
  17. Ultrakool liked a post in a topic by Dion in Skylords Reborn - All you need to know!   
    No offline mode
  18. indubitablement liked a post in a topic by Dion in Balance proposal: Amii Monument   
    Majority of the speed run uses amii, Not once have i not seen amii not being used in the majority of the video of speed run. If all the above you said was valid the player would reconsidered a bit on it.
    for pvp this is not an issue, i never saw it yet, still looking.
    for pve there are alot of things.. one the speedrunner needs it.. almost everysingle one of them needs it. [take for example soultree,which with it you can jsut skip last camp and win the game]
    for regular pve, it depends on what the player find fun. im sure the one using it is having a blast. but there are other technicalities, 
    1. it makes the game extremely easy but i guess that what people want.
    2. i have gotten in a run in dwarf riddle with 2 style.  
         - one the player uses amii and doesnt help the other get the orb, even though the player who doesnt get the orb helped him get his.. thus he sits waiting forever defending in base while he finish the game
       - two the player who got the amii pushes the game to fast even for the other side to prepare a defense since they are slower than the amii guy...
    both occasion always depends on the player....
    sadly as i said above the only nerf they can possibly hit is the cost.. if not for that,than i guess just leave it alone and let the game run it's course. 
    I RETRACT MY COMMENT , could careless now for the sake of anything, im done defending it, bunch of matches of people forcing amii in
    not even enough time to prepare a defense, Nerf it, couldnt care the how high the cost, couldn't care if you take it out of the game, sorry but dont care anymore. nerf it
  19. TheZatikand liked a post in a topic by Dion in nerf amii monument   
    According to someone of a staff, no all at the same time, one day concluded 1k player, and 1 week maybe 4k+, many player have left cause of the crash and such when it was introduce and we are not in the release, i myself stop promoting for player to come in and play vs play test the server, with all due respect... we are in the test server not the [insert word desire] playing server.. 
    so the "A game that is in dire need of new players"  jesus hearing this made me facepalm harder, i have spoke with those yellow name on discord.. guess what i said do we have some sort of advertising, but we dont need advertising, not with all these crashes which will send alot of people away because they think we are in a playing live  vs testing, even worst when they get hit with the wipe... and yes there will be wipe.
    there are still thing we need before we can go live https://trello.com/b/4HFfIUCA/skylords-reborn and many are under the delusions that there is no wipe , which i corrected by showing them the open stress word and some of the word on discord...
    Balance card is one of them...  the person above you made his valid point and you just made your valid point and here comes mine but i will use your words so keep it even starting with
    "With all due respect, but this is the biggest nonsense I've heard in a while."
    Your rpve cannot be done without amii? Jesus i have done 9 and 10 without amii or enlightenment in all 3 cases, 1, 2 , 4...   When i didnt use amii i used lost horror.. and when i got amii, i took lost horror out...however, because everyone uses wheel and mo i didnt even need to go t2 i stick with t1s with  my partner and without the wheel or mo we just go in t3 [i use 2 lost horror green aff and it's all good, when going in nature frost i just use 2 aggressor and 5 crystal fiend with my partner, whoever it may be]...
    If you would like see what will ever happen to amii there is a discord where representative are talking about it, it will be run through kubik and he will make the final decision [i think that how it will work].. enjoy your gaming
    *edit*  3:30pm

    KubikToday at 3:24 PM
    @ppak weekly we have ~4k players, daily ~1k players and peak under 200 players (most days)
  20. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Dion in Balance changes to game   
    It's probably just me but, back when ammi monument wasn't around , i loved the challange of maps and the unity it brough from player using every means of their OWN deck to bring something powerfull to the table  after amii,mo,wheel. it becomes who rushes to those deck first, bring it out and yells " I GOT YOU GUYS, ILL AFK NOW, enjoy the power of my global effect]..[3 wheels for 3 effect, we see here has only 2 effect] Those card are what ruin it for me, after that we all fought who gets to put those card down [beside wheel, which whoever puts it down wins]...
    I preffered the aspect of having fun and having a challange with a none global deck but that is just me. [after the game got stale and probably close to shut down, many player made those custome map and still rushed for those above cards].. it was just like playing a yugioh top deck or a magic gathering top deck, nothing else mattered.
    Thats my take on it.
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